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On May 17, 10up launched The Undefeated, the latest project in our longstanding partnership with ESPN. Like Grantland and FiveThirtyEight before it, The Undefeated examines our world through a unique lens, exploring the intersections of race, sports, and culture through “innovative storytelling, original reporting, and provocative commentary.” We’re thrilled to celebrate the release of The Undefeated, which is receiving accolades and high engagement with its community feature, You Got 99 Words.

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10up at php[tek] 2016 http://10up.com/blog/2016/phptek/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/phptek/#respond Tue, 17 May 2016 16:14:03 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17531 Join 10up at php[tek] 2016 on May 23-27 in Saint Louis. We are co-sponsoring the event with our cloud infrastructure partner Joyent, and will be demoing our WordPress Docker composition. Plus, team 10up Senior Web Engineer Steve Grunwell will present two sessions.

In Steve’s first talk, “Professional Development for Professional Developers,” he will show how developers can continue to learn new web development skills without being overwhelmed by an industry characterized by new frameworks and tools cropping up weekly. His second talk, “Building for the PHP Command Line Interface,” covers the characteristics of well-written PHP CLI scripts. Steve will also make the case for writing custom commands, and provide an overview of different command line tools, including WP-CLI, Artisan, and Drush.

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Helen Hou-Sandi to lead WordPress 4.7 http://10up.com/blog/2016/wordpress-4-7-lead-helen/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/wordpress-4-7-lead-helen/#respond Mon, 16 May 2016 19:20:06 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17587 I am honored to be stepping in for Matt Mullenweg as the WordPress 4.7 release lead, slated to go from mid-August through early December. Being a release lead for such a big and varied project is no small task, especially since it doesn’t mean I stop being a lead developer, core committer, or 10up’s Director of Platform Experience. I previously led the 4.0 release in 2014 and provided the background music for the video – I might make that a tradition, following an upcoming piano performance for my WordCamp Europe 2016 talk in Vienna (a city associated with composers like Mozart and Schoenberg).

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Streamline migrating to WordPress Multisite with MU-Migration http://10up.com/blog/2016/streamline-multisite-migration/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/streamline-multisite-migration/#respond Thu, 12 May 2016 16:37:15 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17565 MU_Migration_2_blue
Migrating a standalone WordPress site to a site network (or “multisite”) environment is a tedious and tricky endeavor.

The WordPress Importer works reasonably well for smaller, simpler sites, but leaves room for improvement. It exports content, but not site configuration data such as Widget and Customizer configurations, plugins, and site settings. The Importer also struggles to handle a large amount of content. Third party backup plugins that are compatible with site networks offer another solution, but they often involve slow intermediary “cloud” backup and restore steps, and the reliable solutions are mostly commercial.

A more “complete” approach involves migrating the raw database and files. Essentially, create the new site in the WordPress network admin, then export the standalone site’s database tables (excluding user data) to a .sql file, modify the table prefixes to include the new site’s network ID (ex: wp_ becomes wp_5_), and import the updated .sql script into the site network. Moving user accounts is even more involved, as they are shared across a site network: the standalone site’s user IDs are likely already assigned, and some users may already exist. Manually recreating accounts is often the easiest path, and one is still left to remap all of the user IDs associated with the imported content. We haven’t even touched on moving and updating uploaded media… Now imagine you need to move several sites into a network!

A recent client project where I consolidated five sites into a site network was a tipping point. I developed a smoother way to move single WordPress sites into a ”multisite” network: MU-Migration.

To use MU-Migration:

  1. First, make sure you have WP-CLI up and running on the server.
  2. Install MU-Migration (using WP-CLI 0.23 or newer) by running:
    $ wp package install 10up/mu-migration
  3. Run this command on all sites to be moved:
    $ wp mu-migration export all example-site.zip --themes --plugins --uploads
    Note: The flags --themes, --plugins, and --uploads are optional and, when used, will include the themes, plugins, and uploads folders in the .ZIP package respectively.
  4. Move .ZIP file(s) to your multisite server
  5. Run the following command on your multisite instance:
    $ wp mu-migration import all example-site.zip [--new_url=http://multisite.dev/example]
    Note: The --new_url param is optional and changes the siteurl via a search-and-replace.
  6. Once the import finishes, flush the site cache (e.g. Memcached, Redis, Varnish).
  7. Enjoy!

10up has open sourced MU-Migration on Github. We welcome your suggestions, bug reports, and pull requests.

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John Eckman to be a panelist at Brightcove PLAY 2016 http://10up.com/blog/2016/brightcove-play-2016/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/brightcove-play-2016/#respond Tue, 10 May 2016 16:18:08 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17536 I will be a panelist at Brightcove PLAY 2016 on May 17 in Boston. The panel, CMS Integrations: Best Practices, will discuss integrating the Brightcove Video Cloud with popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal. I will review the Brightcove Video Connect plugin, which we developed as Brightcove’s official WordPress development partner, and present the plugin’s roadmap, which we will advance with the open source community; we opened the Github repo to the public this month.

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10up partners with Joyent to bring WordPress to Docker http://10up.com/blog/2016/joyent-wordpress-docker/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/joyent-wordpress-docker/#comments Tue, 03 May 2016 18:00:37 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17523 We’re proud to announce that 10up has partnered with Joyent to bring WordPress to their Docker infrastructure.

Joyent, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) company providing software to power their—and their clients’—cloud platforms, knows the difficulties in prepackaging software installations that can be readily moved across server environments. To solve this, Joyent uses Docker, a technology which packages an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development. In plain terms, it creates a fully assembled, preconfigured, and portable software environment.

Docker offers several practical benefits for teams building websites and applications using repeatable configurations and industry best practices like testing environments. First, as simple as the WordPress famous 5-minute install is, it results in a default, out-of-the-box configuration; Docker helps engineers fast forward past the remaining configuration. Second, it ensures that multiple installations (local, staging, production, separate servers) mirror each other, so as to allow worry-free code deployments. We made inroads in solving this problem with Varying Vagrant Vagrants, and Docker takes that solution a step further.

Docker works by creating modular snapshots of preconfigured applications, called containers, that enable easily scalable hosting. If a site built with Docker containers experiences a spike in traffic, a host like Joyent can replicate any overtaxed container, such as a database server or web server, “horizontally” scaling the infrastructure to weather increased load. When the spike subsides, the virtual servers can be scaled back down just as simply. Because Joyent offers a “pay per minute” hosting model, this empowers site administrators to quickly and temporarily scale up their infrastructure during a surge without incurring a longer term cost increase.

10up created a Docker Compose project, housing several Docker containers which work together to create a scalable, complete WordPress stack, which includes the following containers:

  • Nginx: load balancer to spread traffic between all backend WordPress containers;
  • WordPress: based on the official Docker PHP 5.6 container image and extended to install and configure WordPress;
  • Memcached: caches often-used data in memory. Based on the official Docker memcached image and integrates into ContainerPilot so memcached can announce its location to the rest of the cluster;
  • NFS: single store for uploaded files, accessible from multiple WordPress containers;
  • MySQL: database for WordPress;
  • Consul: service discovery platform through which containers register and communicate with one another to build the project.

The open source project is available on GitHub. If you’re looking for expert consulting on integrating WordPress with Docker, get in touch.

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10up client projects win 2016 Webby Awards http://10up.com/blog/2016/client-webby-winners/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/client-webby-winners/#respond Thu, 28 Apr 2016 18:54:37 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17448 The 2016 Webby Award winners were announced on Tuesday. Of the four nominated 10up client projects, 10up is proud to announce one winner of the professionally selected Webby Award, and three winners of the People’s Voice Webby, selected by open voting.

AMC.com won both the Webby and People’s Voice awards for Website: Television.Webby_winner_AMC_c

BBCAmerica.com won a People’s Voice Webby for Website: Best Homepage/Welcome Page.Webby_winner_BBC_c

The MotorTrend.com Redesign won a People’s Voice Webby in Websites: Car Site & Car Culture.Webby_winner_motortrend_c

Congratulations to our selected clients!

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10up drives WordPress 4.5.1 release http://10up.com/blog/2016/wordpress-4-5-1-changes/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/wordpress-4-5-1-changes/#respond Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:45:18 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17471 WordPress 4.5.1 shipped yesterday, an incremental maintenance release. Co-led by me—with commits from our Director of Platform Experience Helen Hou-Sandí—this release fixes 12 bugs found in the last release of WordPress, chief among them a Twenty Eleven theme singular class issue, visual editor incompatibility in certain versions of Chrome, and a media upload issue with the Imagick extension. For more information see the Codex release notes or consult the list of version controlled changes.

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10up client projects nominated for “Best of the Internet” awards http://10up.com/blog/2016/webby-nominated/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/webby-nominated/#respond Mon, 18 Apr 2016 20:58:37 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17405 blog_webby_main_header_2
The 20th Annual Webby Awards, the web’s canonical awards program recognizing the best of the internet, presented their nominees last week. Nominees qualify for two awards: The Webby Award selected by a professional judging body, as well as The Webby People’s Voice Award, selected by an open vote that runs through April 21. Among the many WordPress-powered nominees, several 10up projects are in the running.

Car Sites & Car Culture: MotorTrend.com Redesign
10up partnered with The Enthusiast Network to migrate their network of sites to WordPress, including their flagship publication, Motor Trend. 10up implemented an entirely new design focused on performance, and a new architecture that simplifies the process of sharing content and data across their sites. Other highlights included an interactive car buying tool that calculates a personalized “Real MPG” rating based on a particular vehicle and individual driving habits, and improvements to the online buyer’s guide.

Cultural Institutions: The StoryCorps iOS and Android App
10up partnered with StoryCorps to power the StoryCorps.me app with WordPress, leveraging its brand new JSON REST API and a highly elastic custom hosting infrastructure. Google also featured the app on the Google.com homepage during the Great Thanksgiving Listen. 10up is now supporting their mobile apps, as well.

We’re also happy to have collaborated with AMC Networks on AMC.com (nominated for the Television category) and BBCAmerica.com (nominated for Best Homepage / Welcome Page).

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees!

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WordPress powers 1-in-7 Webby Nominees http://10up.com/blog/2016/wordpress-powers-webby-nominees/ http://10up.com/blog/2016/wordpress-powers-webby-nominees/#respond Wed, 13 Apr 2016 23:20:30 +0000 http://10up.com/?p=17371 WordPress is strongly represented among the 2016 Annual Webby Awards, powering 1 of every 7 nominees in the Website categories. Nominees span 32 of the 48 categories, recognizing websites marketing major financial institutions and web apps, superstar artists and musicians, government projects, and major media and news outlets.

With its intuitive interface, flexible code base, and focus on democratizing content creation, we’re not surprised to see our go-to CMS solution owning such a respectable percentage of the pack. 10up believes in open technology and we’re glad to see platforms such as WordPress in such high use.

If you feel we’ve missed any nominated WordPress sites, let us know on Twitter.

2016 Webby Nominees on WordPress:

Note: These represent 43 out of the 296 nominees in the “General Websites” and “Website Features and Design” primary categories. We did not investigate the nominees in “Online Film & Video,” “Advertising & Media,” “Mobile Sites & Apps,” or “Social.” We identified sites as WordPress-powered by reviewing rendered page source for key WordPress identifiers. If you find evidence of other WordPress sites among the nominees, let us know on Twitter.

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