JavaScript/React Engineer

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Essence of the Role

10up JavaScript / React Engineers actively develop and maintain 10up external and internal projects with their advanced knowledge of modern JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS. They are adept at building large-scale modular builds and are experienced in crafting solid, reusable, and maintainable applications for enterprise clients. They are technically proficient enough to solve hard problems independently, but also understand that collaborative solutions can often help achieve a better end goal for the client. They’re willing to ask for and offer help to mentor others and elevate teammates to achieve the best solution. They also investigate and champion the adoption of new frontend technologies.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Ability to lead and architect a complex React project in both client and server-side environments.
  • Write modular, accessible, and performant modern JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS.
  • Ability to estimate JavaScript and React work for a project and modularize goals into clearly defined, executable tasks.
  • Ability to lead the front-end strategy for a project and make impactful decisions about the methodologies recommended to a client.


Must Have

  • At least five years experience building complex, scalable web-based applications that work with and consume API data.
  • Expert experience developing web-based applications using ES6+, React and Node, including Server-side React.
  • High-level of experience in the architectural concepts behind React, such as: state and data management, JSX, creating a componentized system, and Webpack.
  • High-level of experience in the understanding of HTML and CSS including cross-browser compatibility, performance and WCAG accessibility compliance.
  • Experience using Git.
  • Understanding of ad implementations in a responsive and JavaScript application environment.
  • Experience with coded style guides and creating highly componentized systems.
  • Being collaborative, self-motivated, and an “always-learning” person, excited to create great web experiences.
  • Natural ability to ramp up and provide guidance to lesser experienced team members.

Nice to have

  • Experience with React Native.
  • Experience with coding PHP, specifically for WordPress as a platform, including custom post types, taxonomies, and use of WordPress beyond typical “blog” use cases.
  • Experience with WordPress Gutenberg.
  • Remote working experience appreciated.
  • Experience mentoring and leading a team.
  • Experience and expertise with third party integrations and client-side APIs.
  • Strong ability to communicate with client stakeholders, both technical and non-technical, about the impact of decisions around markup approach, cross-platform responsive interactions, performance, and topics like accessibility and internationalization.
  • Code-based portfolio. Link us to your GitHub account, upload a .zip, or both (source files are helpful to get a sense of your code structure and file organization).

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