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If we spent our first five years pioneering and staking our claim in the world, in our sixth year we cultivated the organization and culture we pioneered. We rallied around trends and shifts in our industry and redoubled our investment into telling our story.

The initiative to better express our story culminated in a refresh of our company website, prominently featuring a new mission statement, proudly summarized by a promise to deliver “finely crafted websites and tools that make the web better.” We reinvigorated our project case studies, moving to a layout that better celebrates the challenges we’ve conquered with our clients. And we completely overhauled our Careers section, taking deliberate strides to better represent our culture of diversity and inclusion.

All this while growing our revenue by 12%.

Here are some of the ways we adapted to a shifting landscape and embodied our new mission since our last company anniversary:

Here’s to another year of innovation, creativity, and making the web better.

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Meet ElasticPress.io: a hosted search and query engine for ElasticPress https://10up.com/blog/2017/elasticpress-hosted-search/ https://10up.com/blog/2017/elasticpress-hosted-search/#respond Fri, 10 Feb 2017 16:59:36 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18432

We’re proud to announce ElasticPress.io: a hosted service that integrates with ElasticPress, our popular plugin, to provide a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress.

We built ElasticPress to overcome higher-end performance and functional limits posed by the more traditional, structured (SQL) database underpinning WordPress. Storing content in a modern (noSQL) query engine like Elasticsearch empowers us to produce superior keyword search and related content results, and supercharge the performance of complex queries like a filter on multiple product properties or a location. Smarter and faster content makes for a better web and, not accidentally, is important to search engines and visitor retention / conversion.

While our plugin made it simple for WordPress-savvy engineers to talk to Elasticsearch, the need to manage Elasticsearch hosting added friction and complexity, at odds with the simple user experience 10up strives for. As we prototyped exciting use cases involving private content, we realized that end-to-end security added even more complexity.

ElasticPress.io solves all of that—making it dead-simple to start using enterprise-caliber search and query technology with WordPress. It enables innovative features like accelerated admin performance that require end-to-end control and security.

Some of our site hosting partners offer similar solutions; Automattic even offers Elasticsearch with their enterprise plans. In many cases, those solutions serve their customers very well, are recommended and supported by us, and can even integrate with ElasticPress. There are also ElasticPress adopters who prefer hosting and managing their own Elasticsearch infrastructure: we’ll continue to support self-hosting as a popular use case for our plugin, and our plugin will always be free and open.

Starting at $299/month, with 99.9% uptime across all our plans, ElasticPress.io fills a need for customers whose WordPress site hosting doesn’t already include a solution like ours, and who want an enterprise-caliber, end-to-end, no fuss solution with superior customer service.

While we’re just beginning to open this product to the public, we have been privately using ElasticPress.io with select clients for more than a year. Thanks to our strict privacy policy, we can’t tell you about all of the big brands relying on ElasticPress.io, but we can tell you that customers like JDRF—one of the largest nonprofits in the world—and publications like Texas Monthly rely on ElasticPress.io.

ElasticPress.io is tested, mature, and ready to welcome new customers. Want to learn more? Check out the new website, and reach out today!

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Introducing the WordPress Component Library https://10up.com/blog/2017/wordpress-component-library/ https://10up.com/blog/2017/wordpress-component-library/#comments Wed, 08 Feb 2017 22:04:18 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18414

We’re proud to introduce the WordPress Component Library: a collection of front-end components constructed with WordPress and accessibility at the forefront.

Many of the HTML and CSS components we build for our clients are structurally similar, particularly for prolific features like menus, search forms, posts, and blogrolls. A common starting point offers efficiencies to our clients while simultaneously raising the bar on polish and compliance with standards like accessibility. In evaluating existing libraries, we found that the industry was missing a good, open source project built with WordPress’s often opinionated markup (e.g. menus) and basic layout structure in mind.

Since accessibility is a top priority for many of our clients, and critical to our mission to make the web a better place, each component in the library is WCAG 2.0 accessible. We think that this project will help engineers and clients who value accessibility, but may struggle to budget for it, achieve a higher standard with little-to-no added cost.

We are actively adding to and improving the components. Hosted on GitHub, we welcome feedback, questions, and pull requests.

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10up client FiveThirtyEight publishes top story of 2016 https://10up.com/blog/2017/fivethirtyeight-top-story-2016/ https://10up.com/blog/2017/fivethirtyeight-top-story-2016/#respond Fri, 27 Jan 2017 18:25:14 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18387 10up client FiveThirtyEight’s political coverage earned the stats-minded publisher four spots in ChartBeat’s top 25 most engaging stories of 2016, including #1 for their 2016 election forecast. This interactive feature provided predictions in the US presidential race, as well as 34 Senate contests nationwide, leading up to the November elections.

We love seeing clients like FiveThirtyEight topping the charts alongside long-established publishers like BBC, the New York Times, and NPR.

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A new careers section for a new year https://10up.com/blog/2017/careers-2017/ https://10up.com/blog/2017/careers-2017/#comments Mon, 16 Jan 2017 17:55:54 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18355 Meet our new Careers section! Designed to better describe our company culture and values, we want to extend a welcoming hand to a wide set of candidates with clear job descriptions and expectations. If you’re ready for a new challenge, drop us a line.

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The 11 days of 10up holiday https://10up.com/blog/2016/2016-holiday-schedule/ https://10up.com/blog/2016/2016-holiday-schedule/#comments Wed, 21 Dec 2016 19:14:33 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18281
In celebration of another successful year, 10up will be on holiday break from Friday, December 23 through Monday, January 2. We’re looking forward to recharging our collective batteries, as we prepare to buckle in for 2017.

What, exactly, does the “average” 10upper do with 11 days away from the virtual office, anyhow?

“I’ll be visiting family for the holiday and taking some time to take my son to the Zoo and the Aquarium. Other than that I’ll probably crank out a side project because working is how I relax (it’s sick, I know)!”
—Tim Wright, Lead Front End Engineer | Charleston, SC

“I’m tackling a project: building a table out of some old barn wood.”
—Katie High, Senior Web Strategist | Horsham, PA

“It’s been a while since I took any vacation to spend time with my family. So I am going to use this break to go on a road trip around my state with my family.”
—Sudar Muthu, Senior Web Engineer | Tamil Nadu, India

“I’ve dyed my hair green for the holidays. During the 10up holiday break, I will make an attempt to learn conversational Spanish. I wonder what will happen if I sleep with Duolingo App under my pillow?”
—Aileen Kerness, Team Lead | Valencia, Spain

—Grant Landram, Director of Project Management | Seattle, WA

“My daughter and I bought our first home and will be using the break to move in! We’ve spent the last six months remodeling it and are pretty confident HGTV will be calling us any day now for our own show. A spastic toddler with a hammer and paint brush? Move over Chip and Joanna!”
—Katie Wilkerson, Senior A&R Strategist | Henderson, KY

“Visiting friends and family and taking some much needed time away from a screen.”
—Jason Boyle, Senior Web Engineer | Portland, ME

“I’m going to be tearing down the wall between my kitchen and dining room and making it a half wall with a nice long piece of countertop you can sit at. You know, that whole HGTV ‘open floor plan with sight lines’ thing. Also: lots of naps.”
—Helen Hou-Sandí, Director of Platform Experience | Jersey City, NJ

“I’ll be teaching my two and a half year old to ski at Squaw Valley. It is truly a dream come true!”
—Ben Ilfeld, Lead A&R Strategist | Sacramento, CA

“The holiday season is all about tradition for my family! 5k night run through Christmas lights, Christmas karaoke at the local spot, turkey dinner, and mimosas on Christmas morning! With the extra time this year, we will be heading to a cabin in the woods to relax, hike, and enjoy the company.”
—Kate Ashlock, Operations Coordinator | Oklahoma City, OK

“My wife Heidi and I are renewing our wedding vows, then heading out for the honeymoon we never had the first time around!”
—Jason Clarke, Director of Accounts | Orono, ME

“I am excited to kick back and relax with my family and to spend time in my bible education ministry.”
—Veronica Bruce, Financial Operations Manager | Bay Minette, AL

“I’ll be visiting our new hometown 900 miles away to look at housing. It’s excellent to be able to bring my job with me when moving. #distributedFTW”
—John Ragozzine, Lead Communications Manager | Bangor, ME (soon-to-be Raleigh, NC)

“I’ll be spending my 10up break with my three favorite family members: my husband, little one, and puppy dog!”
—Christine Garrison, Recruitment Manager | Fort Lewis, WA

“Relaxing, visiting family and playing in the snow!”
—Ben Greeley, Senior Web Engineer | Waterville, ME

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Speaking at Remote Working Conference 2016 https://10up.com/blog/2016/remote-working-conference/ https://10up.com/blog/2016/remote-working-conference/#respond Mon, 05 Dec 2016 20:43:53 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18267 Join team 10up (from wherever you are) on Dec 6 and 7 for the 2016 Remote Working Conference. This two-day streaming event focuses on how to succeed in a remote working environment and will dispel the myths around distributed teams.

On Day 1, John Eckman will present “Distributed, not Disconnected: Employee Engagement for Remote Work.” Remote teams carry the stigma of being less connected than their co-located counterparts. John will share techniques and tools to drive engagement in a distributed workplace.

On Day 2, I close the event with my talk “Designing a Better UX Hiring Process.” Vetting UX applicants can be a challenge for remote agencies. Video interviews and online portfolios help, but cannot be the only metrics used to find the best UX design talent. In this talk, I’ll share our strategy for attracting and hiring top UX candidates.

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WAMU.org launches, powered by React.js and the WordPress REST API https://10up.com/blog/2016/wamu-react-rest-api/ https://10up.com/blog/2016/wamu-react-rest-api/#comments Fri, 02 Dec 2016 23:25:49 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18220 Yesterday, Washington, D.C. NPR regional affiliate WAMU released a fully reimagined website in partnership with 10up. Designed to elegantly present written and audio content, we engineered a cutting-edge WordPress implementation that leverages React.js and the WordPress REST API to create an immersive single-page app experience. Visitors can listen to audio content using the player bar pinned to the bottom of the screen, without interruption, as they browse the site on a phone, tablet, or desktop browser.


Other highlights include:

  • Complete homepage and topic page curation using the WordPress Customizer;
  • Attractive ad integrations, including fully native DFP ads embedded within the audio player;
  • API integrations that provide audio and written content from the NPR API and Public Media Platform;
  • Sitewide alerts and calls to action integrated prominently and seamlessly;
  • Progressive rendering, with a fast-loading app “shell” that initially serves page content from WordPress until the React app renders completely.

Check out our project showcase to learn more about this exciting collaboration.

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10up at WordCamp US https://10up.com/blog/2016/wordcamp-us-2016/ https://10up.com/blog/2016/wordcamp-us-2016/#respond Thu, 01 Dec 2016 18:02:12 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18190 wcus-2016

Join me, our Director of Platform Experience Helen Hou-Sandí, our Director of Project Management Grant Landram, and many other 10uppers at the second annual WordCamp US, being held once again in Philadelphia.

On Friday night, 10up is co-sponsoring WP Engine’s Bru Craft & Wurst afterparty at the indoor bierhall and wursthaus. Boasting 39 craft beers on tap (and on the house) with plenty of sausage and pretzels to boot, you won’t go to bed hungry.

The next morning, I’ll be presenting WPDrama, The Four Agreements, and the WordPress Community. I’ll show you how to apply the four agreements—be impeccable with your word; don’t take anything personally; don’t make assumptions; always do your best—to the WordPress community, helping us all interact more positively (and productively) with our fellow open source contributors.

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Adam Silverstein made WordPress core committer https://10up.com/blog/2016/adam-silverstein-wordpress-core-committer/ https://10up.com/blog/2016/adam-silverstein-wordpress-core-committer/#respond Wed, 30 Nov 2016 16:11:39 +0000 https://10up.com/?p=18183 Congratulations to 10up Lead Engineer Adam Silverstein, recently made a WordPress core committer!

With complete access to the WordPress code repository, core committer status is not given out lightly. Through his work on the Revisions UI for WordPress 3.6, leading the recent WP API Backbone client development and many more core JavaScript features, his countless speaking appearances, and his mentorship during WordCamp contributor days, Adam illustrated his dedication to WordPress and the 10up values of openness and community service.

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