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10up's expert team of strategists, designers and engineers revitalized the LivePress plugin architecture and brand.

When entrepreneur Neil Berkman surveyed the available live blogging solutions and identified a gap for a product that focused on usability, extendability, and performance — LivePress was born. In Spring 2012, Berkman sought 10up’s expertise to fully realize this vision and, in collaboration with his internal team, 10up delivered a streamlined and intuitive live blogging solution for WordPress.

10up’s design team audited and reimagined the LivePress administrative interface from the ground-up while web engineers built out an integration with native WordPress APIs and addressed core functional bugs. LivePress integrates seamlessly with Twitter, supports multi-author workflows, live blogging via text message, and real-time commenting. On the technical side, LivePress’s architecture significantly reduces the server workload typically associated with frequent posting and corresponding high traffic events.

After engaging 10up for plugin strategy, design, and engineering work, Berkman and the LivePress team re-engaged 10up to refresh the plugin’s brand identity, outline a marketing strategy to engage with diverse audiences ranging from bloggers to major media outlets like The New York Times, and develop a conversion-focused corporate site to market and sell the plugin.

10up worked with Berkman to make the plug-in compliant with WordPress.com VIP. Now available on this premiere platform, LivePress is used by such publishers as 9to5Mac and FiveThirtyEight.

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