Feed Pull

This is a simple WordPress plugin that is largely based off of Automattic’s Syndication plugin. Easily setup feeds to
be syndicated into WordPress. You can map feed attributes to post fields or post meta. Syndicated content can be mapped
to any post type you want. The plugin comes with a convenient settings page so you can configure things like when feeds
are syndicated.

Feed Pull vs. Syndication

Feed Pull takes a lot of concepts from Syndication. Syndication is a more advanced plugin that offers more than just
feed pulling. Here are some differences between the two plugins:

  • Feed Pull is a plugin for pulling content out of XML feeds. Syndication has feed pulling as well as content pushing features.
  • Feed Pull has a much friendlier feed management screen. Both Syndication and Feed Pull use the WordPress post edit, screen, however Feed Pull offers a much cleaner experience from the way options are presented to the instructions provided. At the moment Feed Pull does not have all the features of Syndication such as taxonomy and constant field mapping. However, Feed Pull probably has everything you need and is very extensible.
  • Feed Pull has far superior error logging to Syndication.
  • Feed Pull allows you to schedule content pulling in the future.
  • Feed Pull allows you to do manual pulls using AJAX rather than a sometimes frustrating one-time cron job.

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  • Requires 3.0+
  • Downloads 10,843
  • Updated 2016-12-08

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