Marketo Tracker

Easily track users with Marketo and create lead associations via comments.

Marketo Tracker allows you to easily add the Marketo “Munchkin” tracking script to your site’s footer, and can even create lead associations with name, email, and website when a visitor submits a comment. Simply enter the tracking code into the plug-in settings page, and fill out a few simple configuration options.

Comment field associations are not created if the comment is identified as spam.

Includes an easy to use configuration panel inside the WordPress settings menu:

  1. Enter your unique Marketo tracking code.
  2. Choose whether to track logged in users with a contributor or higher role.
  3. Choose whether to associate comment fields with tracked leads.
  4. Customize the “lead source” value when the lead is associated with comment fields.
  5. Enter your secret API key for comment lead association. The key is hashed server side, and kept secure.

marketo-tracker screenshot 1

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  • Requires 2.8+
  • Downloads 1,046
  • Updated 2010-08-02
  1. I’d like to use the marketo tracker but it’s so old that my wordpress doesn’t recognize it as compatible. Any chance you plan to update so more of us can install?

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