Really Simple Gallery Widget

Display images from your media library or the current post in a widget. Highly configurable.

Really Simple Gallery Widget adds a widget to display images from the Media Library, no extra uploading or creating custom post types required. You can choose to show images from a specific post/page, the entire media library, or a specific set of attachment IDs. On single pages/posts, you can also show only images attached to the item currently being viewed. Especially helpful if your galleries are based on what’s attached to a post and you want to be able to easily display those images in a widget area.


  • Add as many widgets as you want, wherever you want
  • Display images from a specific post/page, the entire Media Library, or a specific set of attachment IDs
  • Display images from the post/page currently being viewed
  • Select a number of images
  • Select any registered size in WordPress
  • Display the images in various orders
  • Show or hide captions
  • Link the images to the original file, post, anchor in the post, attachment page, or nothing. NOTE: If the image is not attached to a post, the file link will be used instead of the post or anchor in the post.
  • Add a prefix to the link and image title (appears as a tooltip)
  • Use a rel attribute for the link – great for lightboxes

really-simple-gallery-widget screenshot 1

really-simple-gallery-widget screenshot 2

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  • Requires 2.8+
  • Downloads 29,481
  • Updated 2012-12-29
  1. I really like this plugin! For some reason, I can’t get any captions to show. They are there in the Media Library, just don’t show up on the side panel. Anything you can think of off hand? Once again, Thanks a lot for this awesome plugin.

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