Recommended Reading: Google Reader Shared

Displays your shared items from Google Reader.

“Recommended Reading: Google Reader Shared” gets the shared items from your Google Reader account.

Want to easily share posts you recommend from other blogs? Want to share selected posts from your business partners’ news feeds or friends’ blogs? The “Recommended Reading” plug in is the easy way to do it! All you need is a free Google Reader account.

It includes an easy to use configuration panel inside the WordPress “settings” menu. From this panel you can control every aspect of the plug-in, including:

  1. Your Google Reader ID… or look it up dynamically with your Google username and password!
  2. Number of posts to show.
  3. Format of post dates (or hide dates).
  4. Option to show the source blog with link.
  5. How many characters from the post’s content or summary to show (including all, or none).
  6. Handling of links (new window, nofollow properties).
  7. Display of your notes.
  8. Advanced content output and styling when embedding on a page or post.
  9. A link back to your full shared items feed at Google

Use the sidebar widget, embed in a page or post with simple shortcode, or, for advanced users, call the list by a function in your template.

Precise CSS classes throughout the output (with common WordPress conventions) allows granular control over the look within templates. Powerful caching stores and compares the the feed’s provided update information, giving you fast performance with a feed that’s always up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up a Google Reader account?
A: Everything you need to know:

Q: Why won’t my ID validate, even though I’m absolutely positive that it is right or it was looked up?
A: The most common reason for ID validation faillure is a bad ID! If you are certain it is valid, make certain that your shared items are set for public sharing (not private) in your settings.

Q: How do I share posts?
A: Click the “Share” button at the bottom of any post from within Google Reader.

Q: How do I make posts show only the items I shared before I published my post?
A: You can embed your shared items in pages or posts by using the shortcode: just type in “[recreading]” (sans quotes) where you want it to appear. In the “Display on page / post (shortcode)” options at the bottom of this settings page, check the “As of publish date” option to only show items shared before you published your post.

Q: I want to regularly share my latest items in my posts. Can Recommended Reading automatically show all the shared posts between the publication date of the current post and the last post that showed my shared items?
A: Yes! First, check off the “As of publish date” option (discussed in the previous question). You can check the next option, “up to last post” to do just that!

Q: Do I need to be at my computer to update my recommended reading list?
A: Nope! Since the plug in gets posts from the Google Reader shared feed, you can update your feed from any Google Reader interface that supports sharing items. You can even recommend items from your mobile phone using Google’s free mobile version or third party clients (I personally recommend Byline and MobileRSS for the iPhone).

Q: I don’t want to include my shared notes. Can I hide those?
A: Yes… mostly. Uncheck the “show notes” option to hide the notes attached to shared items. Before version 4.0, you could also skip “standalone” notes. Google Reader treated standalone notes (a rarely used feature) as shared items, not annotations. Skipping them would dramatically reduce the performance benefits introduce in version 4.0. Although we suspect this feature was rarely used, if there is interest, please let us know by leaving a comment on the plug-in support page.

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  • Requires 2.8+
  • Downloads 14,659
  • Updated 2009-11-21
  1. I loved the idea of the Google Reader Shared plugin. Unfortunately, it’s not working on a static page for me.
    It does however work as a plug-in so I know I have the Google Reader settings correct.

    Why would it be working as a plug-in, but not on a page with the [recreader] code?

  2. Oh! I just got it working by “unclicking” the “as if publish date” box. :)

  3. Hi there, I installed the plugin which is very much what I want for a static page in my web page that should show my google reader latest shares and my twitter updates.
    I am making it work via [recreading] shortcode on a static page using striking theme.
    What I am not able to do is to configure recreading.css. I have checked the “use special styles” box in the config menu and played a lot with the recreading.css, but haven’t seen any change in the way shared items are displayed. Looks like the css file is not sourced.

    All I want is to have gReader-title, gReader-date, and gReader-source appear in bold font and a different color than the body of the shared item. And maybe leave a bit of space between these three lines and the body.

    Could you help?

  4. Google Reader changed things up. They removed the ‘Share’ option in favor of going with G+. Cannot share items any more and have them appear on my blog. Liked your plugin but it’s now become useless unless there’s a workaround in mind.

  5. Evidently, 10up isn’t too concerned about this. I was able to come up with a work-a-round for the Google Reader issue since they stopped allowing sharing anywhere but to G+ for general use. If you’re interested, you know how to reach me.

    • We’ve simply been very busy, with limited time to support our free plug-ins. Please share your solution.

  6. Hello,

    Since the recent modifications in Google Reader, we are no more able to share posts from it anymore.

    As everything should pass by Google+ now, will you update the plugin to display public posts from the Google+ API ?

    Regards and thanks for the great widget!

    • Since there are other solutions out there that effectively list “plus ones” on Google+, I’m inclined to simply phase out the plug-in. Have you not had luck in finding any such plug-in?

  7. This has been a brilliant plugin…but since Google’s recent changes (redesign of Reader, closure of Buzz, Google+ being the new way etc) it no longer seems to work

    • Indeed. Sharing completely changed to be based on +1.

  8. With the change in Google reader mine has quit, any options?

    • Sadly, Google has completely changed the way items are shared in Reader to use their “+1” system. I’m therefore phasing out this plugin.

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