Secondary HTML Content

Add extra HTML blocks to your content. Perfect for multi-column, tabbed, and page-based sidebar layouts.

Add unlimited extra HTML content blocks to pages, posts, and custom post types. A perfect solution for layouts with distinct content “blocks”, such as a sidebar or multi-column view. When editing content, the secondary editors appear beneath the usual editor.

Name the new content blocks you want to create anything you like, and assign each block to any of your site’s public post types (posts, pages, etc). Hierarchical post types, like pages, can optionally inherit their content from ancestors (including their parent page); perfect for section wide sidebars. Each block can individually be customized to offer media buttons and the full or more stripped down version of the editor.

Secondary content can be added to your site by using the Secondary HTML Content widget. Theme developers can also call secondary blocks by using the built in functions (see “Installation”).

REQUIRES WordPress 3.3 or newer.

Outputting Secondary Blocks in Your Theme

the_secondary_content( 'More Info', 20 );

Prints out content from the secondary block named “More Info” assigned to page ID 20.

the_secondary_content( 'Contact Information' );

Prints out content from the secondary block named “Contact Information” for the current post.


Prints out content from the first secondary block assigned to the current post type, for the current post. Useful in situations where there is only one secondary content block.

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  • Requires 3.3+
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  • Updated 2012-01-03
  1. Great plugin!

  2. Hello,

    Congratulation: very usefull plugin…
    Just a question: is there an easy way to add a custom #id or .class to each secondary_content block when it’s used in the content page?
    Thank’s again for your job.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve had difficulty in getting the plugin to work by using the function method, it must be something I’m doing wrong in my theme as I’ve got the same problem on a new project.

    Can you take a look at my query at and let me know if that is a problem?


  4. Is this compatible with WP3.1 ?

    I try to believe that it is, but considering the timeline here. V2.0 of this plugin is from March 2010 ( more than a year now )

    • It should be, but I’m working on an update to add better support for newer features like custom post types.

      • That’s impressive.

        Thanks for the reply.

      • I’m not seeing any custom post types in this.. am I supposed to?

  5. Hi Jake:
    This is probably my misunderstanding, but, in a site I’m working on in which I’m using the plugin, the extra HTML fields are appearing on ALL site pages in the admin/editor, but I’d like them to only appear in the one page (the home page) that I want to use them on. I have a special template for the homepage – the homepage is not a blog – and my other site pages are built from the page.php (default) template. But the extra HTML fields show up on those pages in the admin as well. Does that make sense?

    On my homepage template, I’m using these codes:

    for the three additional fields.

    In the settings page I deselected the 2 options: inherit from Ancestor and Treat Home as Top Ancestor but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

    I built the theme. See site at
    The homepage, once again, is the only page where I want to use extra HTML fields. Is it just a feature of the plugin that if you use fields in any template that they’ll appear on all pages?

    Thank You for any assistance! I’m thrilled with the plugin – just want to use it correctly!

    • Yes. It’s not page by page.

  6. Hi Jake:

    I love this plugin and it is a godsend for one of my websites. I asked earlier if it was possible to limit the extra windows to specific pages and you said no. I’m not a php person (though I’m starting to look into it because it would help me so much!) so this is also probably a “no” but, would it be possible to use a conditional tag somewhere?

    Also, just want to clarify this – on the site where I used this I needed extra windows only for the homepage. But, as noted, the extra windows then appear in the admin page Editor windows for every page. On other pages, I can put completely different content in those secondary boxes, right?

    Thanks in advance. Those of us using WP as a CMS really really need something like this – it is a terrific idea.

  7. Hi Guys,

    Feature request, there seems to be no way to switch to an HTML view, which can sometimes make formatting hard. This would be a great feature in a future version. If it had that I’d be donating, or even very happy to pay for the plugin.

  8. I like this plugin. How do I insert video code? There used to be a HTML view button, which had a popup box to insert HTML code.

    • I did find the HTML button.
      I discovered the problem is that it doesn’t show the new Vimeo code. It does show the old version of the Vimeo code.

  9. Hi!

    I used this plugin on a site for a client last year and it worked perfectly. I don’t remember having any difficulty getting it to function properly.

    I’m adding onto a new site for this same client and I can’t get the content to show on the sidebars.

    I was using the WYSIWYG widget and the TS Custom widgets plugins… I thought maybe there was a conflict there, so I deactivate them but still the secondary content isn’t showing.

    Is there a known issue or a troubleshooting guide I can see? I really need this to function and I’m a bit perplexed on what I’ve managed to do differently in the setup.

    (love this plugin, btw – it’s brilliant!)

    Thank you for any insight!,

  10. (nevermind — I figured it out. Not sure what was conflicting with it, but it’s all better!)


    • Hello Karla, I’m having the same problem you had with the content not showing on a new site. Can you tell me what you did to solve the problem? Thanks!

  11. how do you add an image in secondary html, it does not show up on my webpage? Thanks :)

  12. The secondary html block shows perfectly on the single post pages, but not on the homepage (latest post, full content). How can I accomplish that?

  13. Hi!!! just a single question, is it possible to add a 6th content block??? I know it sound crazy but I working on a project where I need 7 :( I’m missing one!


    • The current release is limited to 5 blocks. The upcoming version has no limit.

  14. Hello,
    Secondary HTML content works perfectly but is in conflict with the plugin wordpress SEO, do you know a solution?
    thank you

  15. Hi Jake, I’ve got same question as Cat, how do you add an image? thanks, it’s a great plugin, WP should add this as a core element!

  16. How to add images (and media and downloads). For all of you frustrated by this problem, as I was.
    You need to add TinyMCE Advanced plugin. This adds the ‘add image’ and ‘add link’ buttons to the edit tool bar. You then only have to get the image url from the image library and you’re away. Simple. (Once you’ve spent a day or two researching it).
    If you’re still unsure get my PDF from here:

  17. Hi,

    What a wicked plugin and Im loving it.

    I was hoping you or someone on the blog may have struck the same thought process as me.

    So I don’t have to create a new template for landing pages, I was hoping to build in some logic into the template so that if the user populates the SECONDARY Content editor, then that content will be wrapped in a on display.

    How would I go about checking for content and then wrapping the output?



  18. This plugin is amazing. Honestly, I can’t believe WordPress hasn’t just bought it from you outright or hired you to incorporated it yet… This is a must have for building sites on WordPress. I look forward to the next version with the HTML tab. It will save me hours of hand styling content!

    • Thanks for the positive note! WordPress righteously keeps things simple in core (most users don’t need this) and leaves things like this to plugins like this!

  19. Just upgraded from wp 3.2.1 to 3.3. Plugin no longer shows TinyMCE for the secondary blocks in the Admin area. Still seems to work though.

  20. hi,
    after updated to WordPress 3.3 the Secondary HTML content has no more WYSIWYG editor buttons. Any ideas how can i fix it?

    thank you for you’re support.

    bye Hans

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