Weighted Random Authors

Feature a random set of post authors, weighted towards your most active publishers.

This widget selects a limited list of random post authors, weighted towards authors with more published posts. Give all of your post authors a chance to be featured in the sidebar, while encouraging more posting and rewarding authors who post most frequently.

Easily configure numer of authors (or list all), widget title, display of post count, and display of author gravatar.

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  • Requires 2.8+
  • Downloads 604
  • Updated 2009-12-09
  1. Just what I need, simple solution featuring site authors, but not working with WP 3.3, its says plugin activated but it is not. Not tested at 3.2.1

    • Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest by users, I’m not actively maintaining this as a free plug-in anymore. Take a look at the code for guidance, however.

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