Character Count Excerpt

Trim your excerpts by a maximum character count instead of a word count.

By default, WordPress trims excerpts by word count (55 words by default). This plug-in allows you to trim by a maximum
character count instead. All of the usual filters apply; developers can also modify the character count using a new
character_count_excerpt_length filter. Non-developers can now easily change the excerpt length using a new option on
the Reading settings pages.

The default character length is 300.

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  • Requires 3.0+
  • Downloads 2,321
  • Updated 2011-09-24
  1. Hi thank for this plugin, i tried to use it but i don’t know how configure it
    can u help me? i need to limiti the caracter for all post at 150 max

    many thanks and sorry for my bad english

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