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A synopsis of all the latest content changes for editors.

Add a simple dashboard widget that provides a synposis of the latest public updates to the site. Only visible to users with “edit_published_posts” capabilities (notably editors and admins).

It includes the title of the item (if the post type supports title), the post type, a link to edit the item, an indication of how long ago the change was made, the author that made the change, and a link to compare it to the previous revision (if revisions are supported).

Forthcoming 1.0 release will allow you to choose how many items to show (currently hardcoded to 10) and be localization ready.

New dashboard widget, "Latest Published Site Updates".

  • Requires 3.1+
  • Downloads 1,032
  • Updated 2011-09-21
  1. Hello,

    I’ve installed ‘Latest Published Site Updates’ but in the widget-option I cannot find the widget to add….

    Do I first have to do something before it will shows up?

    I am looking forward for your replies, thanks a lot.

    Kind regards,

    José Kramer from Holland

    • This is an admin dashboard widget, not a sidebar widget!

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