New Client Strategist (Business Development)

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10up is an award-winning full-service digital agency with a customer-centric service model and unrivaled leadership in open platforms and tools for digital makers and content creators. 10up’s services include user experience and interactive design, content strategy and creation, website and app engineering, SEO and online revenue strategy, and managed services. Our 250+ distributed team members provide end-to-end digital project expertise.

10up has a diverse client roster that includes Fortune 500 companies, influential content publishers, innovative startups, and impactful nonprofits. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, ESPN, The New York Times Co., and Walmart.

10up has been leading the remote workforce movement for 10+ years. Our teams are distributed across six continents and 29 countries. All of our positions are fully remote (and always will be), and are open to applicants all around the world.

New Client Strategists advance account growth and acquisition by applying a sophisticated understanding of 10up’s capabilities to client and prospect business goals, buttressed by superior communication, attention to detail, and ownership of company sales goals.

This role is fully remote and is open to applicants located anywhere around the globe.


  • Communicate with prospective clients via calls, video conferencing, and in-person sessions to understand goals and define strategic and tactical plans aligned to their needs and 10up strengths.
  • Write, edit, revise, and complete compelling emails, proposals, and other documents to drive prospective and current clients buy in to 10up's strategies and approaches.
  • Negotiate client goals, constraints, and 10up resourcing and delivery standards to create detailed contracts, proposals, and project plans that set 10up and its clients up for success.
  • Support and grow client relationships via regular check-ins and collaboration with client and production teams; complete all related deliverables necessary to ensure outstanding client service in a timely and insightful manner.
  • Maintain accurate, timely, and detailed documentation for deals, client relationships, and projects.
  • Successfully manage and grow relationships with partners in hosting, technology, and related areas.


  • Experience with and passion for building websites (or other platforms using web technologies).
  • Experience with and knowledge of web content management systems (CMS), preferably WordPress or similar open source platforms.
  • Experience producing client agreements and proposals.
  • Knowledge of common metrics for digital media success and popular tools and mechanisms for measuring success (e.g. Google Analytics).
  • Outstanding written communication.
  • Outstanding verbal communication.
  • Outstanding collaboration skills, inspiring consensus and collaboration from varied internal and external stakeholders.
  • Passion for helping clients and prospects move from concept to execution by matching their goals to 10up expertise.
  • Comfortable networking and building new relationships on behalf of 10up.
  • Willingness to take initiative and help with a variety of account service tasks.

Nice to have

  • Experience with core 10up disciplines, e.g. back and front end engineering, UX and visual design, ad strategy, and audience growth.
  • A strong familiarity with the WordPress and web development ecosystem, e.g. knowledge of popular tools, plugins, frameworks, best practices, and conventions.
  • Hands on experience building websites using PHP and WordPress.
  • Experience with the digital marketing ecosystem of tools, e.g. Google Analytics, DFP.
  • Experience with MS Office, Google Docs, Apple Pages, Apple Keynote, and Teamwork.
  • Remote working experience appreciated.