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Should I build an app or a responsive website? Am I maximizing my ad revenue? Why don’t my visitors click “sign up”? How many 10uppers does it take to screw in a website? We don’t just build: we figure out the plan.

Design Services


Inspiring design brings the functional and the beautiful; a delightful blend of art and engineering. We focus on the audience whimsy and relationship between brand and consumer, delivering design that works.

Engineering Services


Please. Look under the hood. Our team of sought after international speakers provides expert code review for enterprise platforms like WordPress.com VIP. Because the best website you have is the one that’s up.

Global Scale, Local Service.

Headquartered in London, our European team has a footprint throughout the region. Bolstered by 100+ full time, industry leading experts working remotely from around the world, we have the right team to solve your problem, across the globe and in your local market.

Big enough to conquer any problem. Small enough to care.

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Display list of Your European Team

Your European Team

  • × Gabe Karp

    Gabe Karp

    Director, Head of Europe

    Gabe joins the 10up team from London where he brings more than 10 years of experience working with NGOs, major political campaigns and large corporate clients to design and develop digital platforms. He works closely with his clients to craft strategies and solutions, helping organizations achieve their goals by leveraging thoughtful, impactful design and the right technology solutions.

    Prior to joining 10up, Gabe was a partner at Siberia, an experience design studio. He was responsible for launching their European presence, opening offices and building teams in both London and Berlin. Gabe worked with major corporate clients at Siberia, helping to re-invent their digital products and platforms. Before joining Siberia, he worked at Blue State Digital for six years where he started as a front-end developer. He later ran the global project management team and was responsible for the delivery of websites and custom development projects across BSD’s five offices.

He’s worked with the likes of AOL, American Express, the Human Rights Campaign and Malaria No More. Additionally while at BSD he worked on high-pressure political campaigns in Mexico, Brazil and India.

    In his free time, Gabe loves to spend time with his family, cooking big meals for friends, going on long runs and is constantly in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. He has a BA in Political Science from University of Rochester, and a year of film studies at the Chapman Film School.

  • × Thorsten Ott

    Thorsten Ott

    Director of Managed Services

    Thorsten is 10up’s first European employee, living near Cologne, Germany with his wife, son and a crazy Beagle. Thorsten worked in software development for over a decade before joining 10up; he led the web development department for a large dedicated hosting company and Germany, and even ran his own web agency in Bulgaria.

    From 2008 to 2012, Thorsten was one of the original engineers supporting the Automattic WordPress.com VIP team. He wrote and contributed to essential WordPress developer tools and plugins including Exploit Scanner, Debug Bar Extender, WordPress-CLI-Exporter, and WordPress-CLI-Importer. He is also a core contributor.

    From 2012 to 2013, Thorsten did a quick detour into the Cloud Computing, OpenStack and the Python world, working at a start-up called PistonCloud, though he never managed to keep his hands off of WordPress.

    When he’s not engineering websites or spending quality time with his family, he’s usually cooking, tinkering with electronics, and developing Arduino style projects.

  • × Lukas Pawlik

    Lukas Pawlik

    Lead Web Engineer

    Lukas is a typical IT geek who has been working in the field of development for over 14 years. Everything started in a small, Polish town, when his parents bought him his first Commodore C64 computer. Without any doubts, Lukas knew that computers would become his biggest passion. At the age of 14 he created his first ‘database’ application that was an easy phone book. Two years later his first PC computer helped him to develop the hobby.

    In 2001, Lukas started his professional career as a network administrator and was quickly hired as an engineer for big Polish IT companies. He needed the next five years to work up the nerve to follow his dreams to become self-employed. With his Master Degree in Science and strong experience under his belt, he decided to start his own business. Over the next 9 years, Lukas created, developed, and serviced applications including financial and sales systems and web portals with over 1,000,000 viewers per month, using technologies like LAMP, Java and ASP.net.

    After growing tired of being a manager, salesman, employee, and employer he took a position with Timely Network Inc., maker of the All In One Event Calendar for WordPress, which has more than 100,000 active installs. In searching for more opportunities, Lukas came upon 10up.

    A self described “creator rather than a craftsman,” he is rarely seen way from his computers. When he does step away, he can be found traveling the world with his wife, walking his dog Rosia (that he fell in love with at a dog shelter), or watching American television shows.

  • × Cameron Terry

    Cameron Terry

    Senior Web Engineer

    After a chance discovery of Microsoft Frontpage on his mum’s old Windows 98 computer, Cameron began building his first websites at 12, laying the foundations for graduating from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, at 19 with a BSc Computing for Internet & Multimedia.

    After spending time with a few companies in oil and gas, he eventually joined his regional news publisher. It was there that a passion for WordPress began. In 2014 as part of the rebuild of The Press and Journal website, he helped construct one of the UK’s first two-way content flows between WordPress and their editorial system, which proved to be one of the formative tools for digital-first workflows. This was then adopted across the other newspapers in the business and became the catalyst for a single large WordPress network powering over 100 websites. He takes a great sense of pride in guiding and mentoring friends and colleagues to replace almost everything he built in the subsequent years, before a – rejected! – pull request brought him to 10up.

    When Cameron isn’t being the company’s resident Wookiee, he can be found sinking hours into a book or two, listening to music, working his way through Star Trek again on Netflix, or playing an immersive RPG on his PS4.

  • × David Page

    David Page

    Senior Web Engineer

    David has been a developer for over 15 years now. His initial interest in the Internet began at University after he’d taken a module in how to design a website, using notepad as he preferred to see the HTML. From there he couldn’t get enough.

    Since graduating he has worked in a wide variety of developer positions. At one point he even found himself extolling the virtues of IE5, purely due to its support of XML. It was whilst wrestling with an in-house CMS that he discovered an early version of WordPress, instantly deciding from then on to use it for client sites. It was a little longer though until he contributed his first code change to core during an afternoon at a WordCamp.

    During his four years at the one of the oldest and largest UK regional newspaper publishers, he promoted WordPress as a solution for their World Cup 2006 website, which was so successful he spearheaded its use to power several of their regional newspaper websites. In 2013 he moved on and became a senior application developer working on a larger number of projects. Most recently successfully fusing WordPress, BuddyPress and Sensei, along with university systems, to power a digital learning hub for Imperial College London. With more than 10,000 users its now in its third year running.

    Away from the keyboard David loves to spend time with his wife and 3 children, reading, playing board games and acting in amateur dramatics. He has recently branched out from simply acting, pursuing a new found desire of writing and directing plays.

  • × Elliott Stocks

    Elliott Stocks

    Senior Web Engineer

    Elliott’s passion for web development began when he was 15 years old and he’s never looked back since. Elliott is 10up’s first UK-based employee; before joining 10up he led a development team at a local web agency where he was introduced to WordPress.

    Elliott graduated with a BSc honours degree in Computer Science. He loves a good challenge, especially when it involves a deep dive into WordPress’s core. He often contributes to open source projects, develops his own plugins once in a while, and has earned his fair share of badges for his contributions on StackExchange. An aficionado of the popular Easy Digital Downloads WordPress module, he’s both a recognized regular contributor and an extension developer.

    When he’s not working with PHP, he likes to tinker with databases and APIs. Elliott also has hands on experience with JavaScript, in particular jQuery and Backbone. He’s often referred to as being “obsessed with neat code,” and is especially particular when it comes to missing indentation.

    When he’s “off the grid” he can most likely be caught eating a curry or playing his favorite (and only) sport, Badminton.

  • × Eugene Manuilov

    Eugene Manuilov

    Senior Web Engineer

    Eugene’s adventures in engineering started in the late 90’s when he learned Pascal. After his time with Pascal, he worked with Delphi, C++, and C#, eventually digging into PHP in 2009. Eugene spent some time with frameworks like Symfony and Zend, before finding the platform he decided he wanted to concentrate on in 2011: WordPress.

    Since 2011, Eugene has been a freelancer (in the top 10% for PHP on StackOverflow), Senior WordPress Developer at an agency, and a Lead Developer at WPMU Dev. He has an affinity for normalized, maintainable, clean code, and clearly loves a challenge.

    In his spare time, he likes a good chess match, skiing in the winter, and “building his own death star to rule the world”.

  • × Evan Mattson

    Evan Mattson

    Senior Web Engineer

    Evan has been working full-time with WordPress for clients ranging from small firms to international brands since 2010. Brimming with the experience of several small agencies, he has cultivated a robust skillset over the years, with experience in nearly every role related to web development.

    In addition to creating bespoke client-centric solutions, Evan also has a unique background in product development with experience in developing and maintaining distributed software used by thousands. His passion for products and desire to give back fuel his own open-source projects as well as his contributions to others.

    As an aspiring polyglot and student of software development, he embraces a life of never-ending learning, craftsmanship, and refinement.

  • × James Morrison

    James Morrison

    Senior Web Engineer

    James has been interested in the web since the mid-1990’s when his Dad bought a family computer and he worked out how to plug in a modem. Discovering the “view source” link in a browser opened up a new world and he quickly learned how the structure of a page was made.

    Despite a small setback when he took a computer apart, rebuilt it, and strangely it stopped working, over the next ten years, he taught himself how to program, build websites and discovered WordPress. After helping a few local businesses with their sites, he realized this was the beginning of a career began working full-time as a freelance developer.

    Following this, James was invited to join a Brighton-based agency as a WordPress developer where he worked on (literally) hundreds of projects of all sizes and complexity, providing support, consultancy and engineered innovative solutions to complex challenges. Additionally, he was responsible for defining and introducing processes and mentoring and training colleagues.

    Of many notable accomplishments, two that he is particularly proud of are: helping a global brand to significantly reduce page load times through an analytical investigation of their infrastructure and the implementation of a series of improvements; and building a bespoke Multisite setup to allow sub-sub-sub-sub-directory (you get the picture) mapping through a custom ‘sunrise’ process. The clients’ in-house team had spent months trying to accomplish this, and it was gratifying to see how happy they were once this was complete.

    James never stops learning and loves to explore new technologies and being intellectually challenged. He has given talks at WordCamp Brighton and Manchester and local WordPress meetups and has a keen interest in WordPress Multisite, infrastructure, and process automation.

    In his spare time, James spends time with his two (soon to be three!!) children, swimming, reading and working on side projects. And playing with Lego—who doesn’t love Lego?

  • × Laura Crofton-Atkins

    Laura Crofton-Atkins

    Senior Team Lead

    Laura Crofton-Atkins is a highly experienced project, program and operations director who has worked in digital since 1999.

    After graduating from Oxford Brookes University in art history and publishing, Laura worked initially in art galleries and auction houses before moving into the more dynamic and emerging digital industry, creating websites for galleries. Amidst the dot com bubble, Laura joined European online auction company QXL Ricardo and then progressed into professional service and agency businesses, successfully leading teams to deliver digital projects and programmes. At digital agency Fortune Cookie, Laura was part of their incredible growth, the company grew from 9 to 170 people during her 8 years there and she was promoted from project manager through to COO, prior to WPP acquisition in 2012.

    Laura is PRINCE2 and SCRUM trained with extensive experience in all areas of the project and programme lifecycle. Laura’s delivery experience covers the integration of new platforms with large enterprise systems, as well as building bespoke customer experiences. She has a broad sector experience across; financial services, government, FMCG, retail, sport, travel, automotive, pharmaceutical, charity and utilities. Recent key clients include Unilever, Johnson & Johnson and Skoda.

    After many years living in London and traveling the world, Laura now lives with her husband and two children in rural Wiltshire. Surrounded by ancient sites and historic landscape, when not working Laura is happily planning adventures with her family and friends, practicing yoga and playing tennis.

  • × Lily Bonney

    Lily Bonney

    Team Lead

    Lily is an Oxbridge graduate and qualified teacher who, after traveling 3,000 miles from the UK to Canada for a new adventure, got her first job in interactive production after impressing a director with her spelling and grammar (true story).

    She’s since worked as a digital project manager for over five years, at some of Toronto’s best advertising, marketing, and publishing companies. Her clients have all been top-tier – Audi, Honda, KFC, Pizza Hut, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Tim Hortons – and her projects hugely varied: from custom website and app builds, to editorially-driven native content, to getting the price of that chicken burger changed as quickly as possible.

    Having battled with a lot of clunky, proprietary CMS software, Lily is a full-blown member of the WordPress choir; the creative possibilities afforded to clients through its open-source structure are virtually limitless, and in the age of virtual storytelling, it’s the ideal platform to help brands make sure they remain at the forefront of the narrative.

    Lily has recently relocated back to the UK, and when she’s not working, you’ll probably find her doing really badly at her local pub quiz, bowling a lot of gutter balls, or naming everything her one-year old points to on their country walks.

  • × Lucy Tomas

    Lucy Tomas

    Senior Web Engineer

    Lucy became interested in computers during her early teenage years: the time where you couldn’t connect to the internet and speak on the phone simultaneously. Although she loved everything about technology, the field of art also piqued her interest, and it wasn’t until her early 20’s when she decided which direction to take.

    After successfully completing her studies in filming and photography, Lucy decided to also study web development. She took her first job as a junior developer at a Belgian agency, where she learned alongside a team of experienced web engineers. She later moved on to work with a Spanish agency as a web developer for 7 years. There she got involved in several high profile projects for well known clients. It was during that time that Lucy also became familiar with WordPress: falling in love with the CMS and the amazing community behind it.

    Today, Lucy is an active member in the WordPress community. She strongly believes that contributing to the platform is the best way to keep the open source project alive, and that consistent involvement is one of the best ways to continue learning and staying apprised of the latest WordPress updates. To date, Lucy has released a few plugins on the WordPress repository, organizes a local meetup in Valencia, Spain, and occasionally helps out in the WordPress forums.

    When she’s not coding, Lucy spends most of her time with her husband and daughter. She also likes cooking, watching Netflix, and loves running to clear her mind.

  • × Marco Pereirinha

    Marco Pereirinha

    Senior Web Engineer

    Marco Pereirinha received a Master’s in Information Management from Aveiro University, Portugal. While obtaining his degree, he was responsible for the digital department of his family’s advertisement company. For 15 years, he led a team of designers, copywriters, and developers, as well as dealt with clients and suppliers. It was during this period that Pereirinha’s CMS was born—a not-so-open-source project. But, all the duties of running a department didn’t leave him much time to keep this project evolving. In the late ’00s, he reached the breaking point, and his professional path started to change: WordPress appeared as a natural solution and embracing the open source movement was a gained bonus.

    After setting up the kickoff of WordPress Porto Community back in 2012, Marco became a co-organizer of WordCamp Porto 2013 and 2016 and gave a talk at WordCamp Lisbon 2015. He is also an active member of the Portuguese community, not only as a frequent speaker at local meetups, but also as a support provider at WordPress forums. On Marco’s WordPress you’ll find some plugins Marco has released and maintains.

    Outside of the coding world, what he really loves is to walk Lucas — the family dog — with his little daughter and have a loud laugh with his family and friends. He also enjoys live music and likes to freeze moments with his camera. He lives in a quiet village near Porto, in the charming North part of Portugal.

  • × Oszkar Nagy

    Oszkar Nagy

    Senior User Experience Designer

    Oszkar has over 12 years of experience in understanding people to help imagine, design and create meaningful products and services with positive impact. He’s been working with the Web from 1999, graduating with a BSc in Computer Science and English, and an MA in Creative Media Arts. He lived and worked across the globe at enterprise, product startups and agencies, creating impact across education, healthcare, non-profit, enterprise financial systems and large scale media publishing.

    In his early career he designed and developed language learning products, published worldwide covering over 150 languages, and helped deploying mobile educational solutions in rural areas of Malawi.

    His interest in education continued at the University of Cambridge where he led a small team working on core campus services, helped design and publish Charles Darwin’s correspondence on WordPress, and worked on large scale learning management and academic networking projects.

    Oszkar also has a strong background in transactional e-commerce, having worked as a senior UX designer at Bigcommerce, a large scale global SaaS platform for small and medium businesses based in Australia. He has led both qualitative and quantitative research and validation design efforts, launched several products for the platform and worked extensively on iterative checkout optimisation initiatives resulting in 26% increase in cart to paid conversion rate across the platform.

    In New Zealand Oszkar has worked at TBWA / Digital Arts Network, delivering digital strategy, strategic design research and helping scale up the design practice at ANZ Bank. He has led the UX design efforts for the Bank’s internal core systems, which has been awarded an NZ Best Design award for UX optimisation in 2017.

    Most of the time he contributes to teams with qualitative design research, synthesis and communication, rapid prototyping and product strategy. He purposefully crosses and helps bridge design and technology. Most times he help teams to better work together with intangibles and values craft, simplicity, curiosity and learning.

    When not designing or wrangling post-it notes, he is usually found hunting for great food, dabbling in photography or playing guitar mostly in a bed room. He also loves travelling, and takes every opportunity to cook Hungarian gulyás on open fire. Oszkar is a founding trustee of Mayamiko, a UK based charity helping sustainable development in Africa through skills and fair trade.

  • × Sami Keijonen

    Sami Keijonen

    Senior Front End Engineer

    Sami is a teacher and front-end engineer. He built his first website while studying math at the University of Jyväskylä. Back in the days when we used table layouts and CSS was hardly invented. We’ve come a long way since then!

    While teaching and being vice principal of his school, Sami explored the web more and more. Around 2007 he stumbled upon WordPress and never looked back.

    Since then he has been building public themes, websites for clients, and learning about front-end architecture. He’s an active member of the Finnish WordPress community, where he regularly helps organize Meetups and WordCamps. He is a frequent public speaker and his favorite topic is accessibility. This is why he’s also part of the accessibility team in the WordPress.org global project.

    Outside of work, Sami relaxes by playing sports and listening to music. Very often he can’t help himself and contributes back to WordPress even in his free time, mostly because of his passion for building an inclusive web for everyone.

  • × Barry Ceelen

    Barry Ceelen

    Web Engineer

    Tinkering with design, video, interactive animation and the wonders of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Barry’s career started in 2005 designing and developing sites with WordPress. As an independent consultant for over a decade, his focus moved from development to digital product design and back again. His biggest projects have focused on helping design mobile applications for some of the largest European online retail, food delivery and online publishing companies.

    Today Barry specializes in creating bespoke WordPress themes and plugins with a knack for simplicity, usability and multi-language sites.

    He studied product design and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts. Coming from the south of the Netherlands, Barry now lives in Berlin, Germany, where in his free time he enjoys spending time with his kid and the hustle and bustle of big city life (and the German autobahn).

  • × Chris Allen

    Chris Allen

    User Experience Designer

    Chris has been working in design and digital for over 10 years now. After graduating from University he worked in a wide range of digital disciplines from print design to motion graphics.

    During that time Chris had a instant passion for the web and shifted his career to focus on web design. Chris started to work as an in-house designer in the finance sector where he built up a strong brand and identity for the company. He then moved into working agency side and built up an award winning creative team for the agency. While working agency side, he was serving clients such as Danone, NHS and Virgin Media.

    More recently in his role as senior digital designer, Chris coached another agencies digital team. His time there allowed him to further strengthen both his skills and theirs. He was able to improve procedures across the board which positively increased the level of the work they put out. This shift allowed the agency to attract high profile contracts purely based on the work they’d seen we had done for other clients. Chris also pushed for the analysis of current work so they could understand the user, user needs, and user characteristics better. This analysis gave the team greater justification for making changes to improve conversions and they were able to be very proactive in presenting ideas for improvement to their clients. This role pushed Chris to get really interested in the User Experience (UX), an intuitive customer journey and constant educated improvements for a digital projects.

    Away from analysis and a screen Chris can be found running around the streets as he’s a keen runner. Over the years he has taken part in many long distance runs and half marathons for charity.

  • × Jozsef Kozo

    Jozsef Kozo

    Support Engineer

    By the time József was thirteen, his curiosity led him to create his own web page. He knew that this was the beginning of something great. After he finished his studies, József moved to a hosting/IT solutions company. He was introduced to WordPress and his interest in Cybersecurity peaked. After he successfully received his Certified Ethical Hacker certificate, he transitioned to a company where he could combine his system engineering skills with his security-oriented mind. He suddenly became a Security Engineer.

    József has mastered skills like vulnerability scans, server and end-user security, security best practices, and threat modeling. He enjoys hobby projects and learning new methodologies.

    When he is not in front of his computer, József likes to hit the gym or cook. He is a big fan of eating and enjoying local handcrafted beers. He also loves playing video games—specifically Dota 2 and Hearthstone.

  • × Lina Wiezkowiak

    Lina Wiezkowiak

    User Experience Designer

    Lina’s been officially called an Experience Designer since 2015. The previous three years she worked in a sales strategist role for New Zealand’s leading legal publisher Thomson Reuters. It was during that time that Lina decided she wasn’t done learning yet, so she embarked on the journey of completing a Master’s degree in co-design and design research. After passing with first class honors at Auckland’s University of Technology in New Zealand, she was immediately headed for UX. Lina’s passion for social research methods and all things digital were a natural fit for the then still nascent industry of user research.

    Lina loves people, problem solving and design, which is why she calls being an Experience Designer at 10up a vocation rather than a job. With a talent for group facilitation she listens, observes, learns, understands and changes. Those who know her would say that she’s all about creating culture. She uses humour, compassion, and empathy to help those she works with reach their goals in record time. Focusing on solutions she dares to dream big, but is humble enough to understand what’s possible. And then she goes and makes it happen.

    Outside of work Lina is obsessed with rock climbing, and in her free time you will most likely find her exploring new climbing areas. As much as she loves adrenaline and the outdoors, her second passion is a lot more relaxed. Her PlayStation has her spend many an hour lurching happily on the couch, gaming with friends from all over the world. Lina is also slightly obsessed with written words, and enjoys to read and write stuff in either her first or second languages German and English.

  • × Maggie Serino

    Maggie Serino

    Front-End Engineer

    Maggie has been passionate about technology even before getting her first internet connection. When she saw her first website, she was hooked and decided that wanted to learn how to create one. She learned the basics of programming on her own, started creating blog themes she gave away for free and learned how to use Photoshop and Illustrator.

    She then deviated from the programming path and got a degree in language and literature, studying English and Chinese Mandarin. After University, she started working for a publishing company as a book designer. That’s when she realized her passion for technology was still keen, and she moved to London, UK, where she got accepted in a very intense and selective programming bootcamp and properly learned how to code.

    Maggie immediately fell in love with frontend development, and in 2015 she got her first job for a digital consultancy where she built different websites, joined hackathons and created various projects, all using different technologies.

    She is always keen to learn the newest technology and try out new things; she strongly believes in clean and organized code and follows the best practices. She has a particular passion for transforming visuals and designs into beautiful and pixel-perfect HTML and CSS pages, and also enjoys solving JavaScript problems, debugging, and trying out new frameworks. When she’s not at her laptop, you can find her reading a book, playing with her dog or watching football.

  • × Michele Cipriani

    Michele Cipriani

    Web Engineer

    Michele started building websites as a freelancer in 2003 in Italy, while attending University and has been building websites as a hobby for over 15.

    His interest in design and development grew in step, at that period the two figures coincided and, moved by the interest in human-computer interaction, he became a professional full-stack developer.

    He understood the potential of WordPress already from the early releases and a few years later joined NTTData as WordPress Specialist where he has been able to work on the largest Italian enterprise projects (telecommunications company, banks, media and e-commerce for large retailers).

    When he’s not working on code, you can usually find Michele playing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling, traveling and spending time with his family in Tuscany.

  • × Oona Vaisanen

    Oona Vaisanen

    Web Strategist

    Oona Väisänen has progressed through a variety of agency roles, from media planner, to account manager, to strategist. She comes armed with an impressive portfolio of experience ranging from work with major nonprofits to large global brands – including the likes of LEGO, Save the Children and Amnesty International, to name just a few.

    Oona’s roles have always had a strong digital focus, and she thrives when working closely with clients to find original and innovative ways to solve their problems. She’s a strong advocate of user-centric digital solutions, and before joining 10up, she was strategic lead on projects in a creative agency, ensuring audience research and insight drove ideas that met (and exceeded) client goals.

    Oona is an avid reader, so outside of work, you can probably find her reading in a local cafe with a good cup of filter coffee. She also loves to learn new things and is always in the middle of a personal project or two – be it an online course, learning to knit, or taking on a new fitness challenge.

  • × Sergio Santos

    Sergio Santos

    Web Engineer

    Sergio has been around computers since the age of three. His first computer was an Atari 600XL, followed by an Atari 130XE where later, with the help of his father, he started developing a computer game based on the cartoons of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

    After graduating from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon with a degree in Computer Science, Sergio started working as a Java developer for banks, insurance companies, and telcos. Always passionate about the web, in 2011 he started working full-time as a web developer and discovered WordPress.

    Before joining 10up, Sergio spent four years as a WordPress consultant, working on projects for local broadcasting corporations, retailers, media and newspaper companies.

    Sergio is an open-source advocate. You’ll find some of his contributions on GitHub and in the WordPress repository where he has released and maintains some plugins. He is also involved in the Portuguese WordPress community through his attendance at meetups and WordCamps. He was also one of the co-organizers of WordCamp Lisbon 2017.

    Outside of work, when he is not spending time with his wife and two kids, is always finding ways to expand his knowledge. He also likes to hang out with friends, play board games, travel and watch TV series and movies.


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