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Helping more than 5,500 customers in over 70 countries achieve success with video, Brightcove partnered with 10up to design and engineer a WordPress plugin seamlessly integrated with Video Cloud

As a pioneer in cloud-based video delivery and monetization, Brightcove helps media companies tell their stories by revolutionizing the way video content is experienced on every Internet connected device.

After a previous effort to build a standardized WordPress integration delivered an ineffective user experience, a refresh of Brightcove’s API was the perfect opportunity to build a new plugin. Brightcove turned to 10up’s world-class engineering and publishing experience team to create Brightcove Video Connect, a WordPress plugin that leverages the new Video Cloud API to power an intuitive experience for content creators by emphasizing human interface guidelines consistent with the rest of WordPress.

10up began with a strategic discovery phase focused on understanding and prioritizing the core features and functionality that media publishers value most, such as efficiently uploading video content and creating playlists. Designing an experience that felt familiar, native, and natural to WordPress content creators was a key goal. To accomplish this, the team established several user interface conventions that seamlessly married WordPress and Brightcove.

Next, the team engineered the plugin with features including:

  • Support for  both single and network (multisite) WordPress instances;
  • Native browsing of playlists and videos from specific Brightcove accounts from within WordPress;
  • Searching and filtering of videos by tag, date, and account all from directly within the WordPress admin;
  • Easy embedding and preview of videos within the content editor.

Realizing that major media companies may have unique workflows and presentation requirements, the plugin was also built to facilitate extension by third party developers, with a series of hooks and filters.

To further enhance the user experience, 10up employed bi-directional data synchronization to ensure that updates to metadata are captured within both WordPress and Brightcove. In effect, changes to metadata like video descriptions or tags are recorded in one system and syndicated to the other.

10up continues to work with Brightcove by making updates and incorporating additional features into the plugin. 10up offers integration packages through Brightcove’s sales team for Brightcove Video Connect customers, which includes plugin installation, configuration and debugging services, as well as consulting services for more custom requirements.

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