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Managing A Multilingual Platform Migration To WordPress

Flightright, Europe’s leading portal for air passenger rights, fights to get air passengers the compensation they deserve for delays and cancellations. With more than 80 million data records updated daily, customers can discover in mere seconds if they are entitled to compensation and authorize Flightright to enforce the claim. While this automated online service has revolutionized legal tech, its website content management system (CMS) made publishing cumbersome and complicated.

Flightright partnered with 10up to migrate the site to WordPress, establish support for multiple languages, and enhance the design. The goals: A flexible, scalable, secure website that could grow alongside the company; streamlined content creation and content management capabilities; and better support for a larger editorial staff.

Platform Migration

The existing Flightright website was laden with nested content, multiple languages, flight scanner forms, and pages stored as hard-coded files connected to an inadequate CMS. Because all content was managed at both the source code and database layers, few people were able to update and manage the site. The migration to WordPress would give Flightright access to a powerful CMS, empower their editorial teams with a flexible block-based content editor, and speed up content production and management with modern editorial tools.

10up identified a migration strategy that consolidated all content, forms, and languages in one platform and simplified a variety of content types by using tailored WordPress content blocks. Existing pages were translated to single HTML blocks to preserve the existing layout without undue engineering effort, while new pages could be built using a variety of block types. Over time, Flightright could easily update pre-existing content, transforming the design of priority pages on their own timeline.

Design Collaboration

As 10up architected the site migration and editing experience, Flightright conceptualized a modern visual redesign.

10up designers reviewed design concepts and provided feasibility feedback, helping to align difficulty to budget. While Flightright planned to implement the redesign in-house, 10up and Flightright collaboratively identified critical design enhancements that 10up would implement during the course of migration, such as new custom home page elements, content styling updates, and customizations to WordPress content blocks.

Multilingual Support

Flightright serves a diverse audience across Europe, which means it must deliver its website in multiple languages. To help Flightright select the best multilingual solution for their immediate and long-term needs, 10up led a discovery exercise, demonstrating two viable solutions and facilitating discussions about the benefits and disadvantages of each. Flightright and 10up ultimately settled on a single multisite network with each language setup as an individual site.

This approach allows Flightright to:

  • Manage localized content in one content network;
  • Manage user access levels so that local editorial teams can manage local sites without affecting other sites on the network;
  • Share content across localized sites, while keeping the hreflang tag attribute intact so search engines can understand the relationship between pages in different languages and serve the correct result.

Flightright Multilingual Multisite Network

“10up did a great job of migrating our websites to WordPress in a very efficient way. Right from the beginning, it was obvious that flexibility and attention to specifics would allow us to have very fruitful cooperation. That gut feeling was quite accurate and the team showed a great performance, delivering a customized tool for content management. Apart from great tech expertise, 10up always managed to handle information flows in a timely manner so nothing remained unclarified. Benchmark performance! The Flightright team was very happy to have such a wonderful project with 10up.”

— Dmytro Kovaliuk, SEO Manager, Flightright GmbH

Content Management Simplified

With the site migration complete, Flightright can manage their content, user permissions, and translated / localized sites in one place. Content can be shared across their localized sites with ease, and more team members are able to manage and publish content. Their newly scalable and secure website platform provides a strong foundation to build upon as their business continues to grow.

Whether working with agile startup companies, enterprise organizations, or global content creators, 10up aims to make a better web with finely crafted websites and tools for content creators. To discuss how your company can achieve its digital goals, contact 10up today.

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