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Designing The Perfect WordPress Themes For Hordes Of Small Businesses Worldwide

GoDaddy partnered with us to design and build nine WordPress themes for thousands of small businesses on their managed WordPress hosting platform. We created a series of beautiful, easy-to-use themes with customizable fonts, colors, layouts and more.

Design Process

After identifying GoDaddy’s core goals and purpose for each theme, we set out to design each with a standard set of features. From navigation menus to hero sections, we wanted to ensure each theme utilized similar types of content presented in unique ways.

While developing our new WordPress onboarding experience we commissioned their help to design new, unique themes for our customers. We were blown away by the results, they did an amazing job. Our customers now get beautiful, stunning websites to help build businesses as great as their ambitions.

— Gabe Mays, Head of WordPress Products, GoDaddy


Before we began visual design, we presented a series of mood boards that showed a small glimpse into the colors, fonts, and imagery for each theme. After introducing them to the team, we made revisions based on feedback and started on the design phase.

One of the first styles we explored was a fitness theme aimed at health, wellness, and personal training verticals. The mood board for this theme was vibrant with bright colors, sharp fonts, and large photographs. For retailers, high-end products and services, and luxury brands we planned a theme to evoke feelings of quality and exclusivity.

Interface Design

Once we decided on a series of ideas that worked for a large variety of businesses we set to work crafting the visuals for each theme, taking note of typography, colors, and imagery from the mood board phase.


After completing the initial design concepts, we began implementing them as child themes of a brand new theme through:

Front-end Development. We styled each child theme to match the visual mockups in accordance with responsive design principles and best practices.

WordPress Development. In collaboration with the GoDaddy team, crafted the core of a new business WordPress theme built for GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting, Primer.

Quality Assurance & User Acceptance Testing. Our team performed rigorous testing on every supported browser and device to ensure the quality of every line of code.

Unique Features

We wanted to help push WordPress themes into a future of accessibility, usability, and customization in addition to crafting the bones of each theme through specific features.

Custom Layouts. We added a custom-layout section to WordPress to allow users to define a standard and per-page layouts.

Custom Fonts. Typography can make or break your brand, so we added font customization to give users more choice without additional complexity and too many options.

Custom Colors. Taking a cue from some of the more advanced themes, we helped implement color scheme customization in a way that is impactful and straightforward.

Increasing The Impact For Businesses Online

Thousands of GoDaddy customers have used these WordPress themes to build more effective, engaging websites that help them connect with customers to grow their businesses. These themes, combined with GoDaddy’s improved WordPress website setup process, continue to play an integral part in making the web better for these companies and their customers.

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