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Be the first to notify your readers about news and updates.

PushUp Notifications is 10up’s first solo product endeavor. PushUp eliminates the need to actively check a website or feed reader for site updates, leading readers directly to new content using OSX Mavericks native notification center.

With PushUp Notifications, 10up removes barriers between content publishers and their readers. Early adopters include 9to5Mac, GigaOM, Deadline, Edelman and chatchOw. There are nearly 300,000 subscribers who have received over 112 million individual notifications. When the option is offered, 92% of readers opt-in to receiving notifications from the site’s publisher. When a notification is pushed it takes just 4.2 minutes to reach all of its subscribers.

Installing the plugin is simple; using it is even easier. PushUp adds a “Send push notification” checkbox right above the publish button. A tasteful, subtle integration allows PushUp to fit intuitively into the native publishing workflow, almost effortlessly bringing to bear the massive power of instant notifications for any update.

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