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As TechCrunch’s engineering partner, 10up provides ongoing, expert WordPress development, testing, optimization, and other ongoing services to this leading online tech industry blog with tens of millions of monthly visitors.

During TechCrunch’s 2011 relaunch on WordPress.com VIP, they invited 10up in as development partners to help meet an aggressive build and launch schedule. Since then, 10up has provided dedicated resources and engineering continuity to TechCrunch, continually improving performance, adding complex features in support of video channels and global conferences, and supporting evolving publisher requirements.

At the end of 2012, TechCrunch began to embark on a redesign and rebuild project, and with several expert partners, leveraged 10up’s deep knowledge of the TechCrunch site architecture and wider experience with high-scale WordPress implementations to define engineering strategy, innovative test-driven development practices, manage code review standards, and build out of some of the site’s most complex requirements, including deeper integration with the site’s extensive events and CrunchBase verticals.

Beyond the redesign and content reorganization goals, 10up heard AOL’s call to optimize site load time and performance loud and clear, particularly for visitors on tablets and smartphones. The resulting techcrunch.com (version 5, if you’re counting) is now consistently one of AOL’s fastest properties on any device, with load times well below the WordPress.com average—even compared with simple blogs.

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