We imagine, create, and grow amazing web experiences.

Content management made easy. Maybe even fun.

We believe that no one should need a Computer Science degree to keep a website up to date. That’s why we specialize in awesome WordPress implementations. The most easy to use and elegant content management system, WordPress offers an affordable option with unbelievable potential in capable hands. Year after year it ranks highest in user and developer satisfaction.

Industry leading expertise. Community values.

Give a little, get a lot. We donate employee time to core WordPress development — at last count, 12 of our engineers are credited contributors. One of our Directors, a core “Rockstar”, is a leading contributor. Not only does this mean that we help shape the software our clients – and millions of websites – depend on every day, it means that we know your software inside and out. When you hire 10up, a portion of the profit goes to the software that powers your website.

Don’t take our word for it – experience our commitment to elegant solutions without paying a nickle. From the best user avatar plug-in – rated 5 stars with over 100 votes – to a simple way to add table controls – downloaded over 100,000 times and rated 5 stars – to a schedule debugger endorsed by Automattic – our plug-ins are some of the highest ranked, most downloaded, and best loved on the official repository. Our code has improved websites we’ve never even seen.

Our secret sauce? Here’s the recipe. The platforms and ideas we love are only as strong as the community supporting them. Our team has presented at over a dozen WordCamps in the past year alone, from Edmunton, Canada to Miami, Florida. We share our ideas in leading publications like Smashing Magazine. Jake is an adjunct professor at Boston University's web development program, and before joining 10up, Helen taught WordPress at Rochester University.

We stand on the shoulders of amazing communities – how can we not help pay for the boots? Luke organizes the WordPress Providence Meetup, and launched Providence's first WordCamp. Jake organizes Sacramento's meet up, and helped organize Boston's first WordCamp. We've sponsored over a dozen events, from WordCamp in Boston and Phoenix and New York City, to Higher Ed conferences, to design conferences. And we’re just warming up.

Your elite team.

In addition to our amazing core team (below), 10up employs many specialized contractors and partners, from top shelf freelance artists, to niche-specialized information architects, to social media mavens.

  • Jake Goldman President & Founder

    Jake Goldman

    Jake has been building websites since the mid 90’s, and has built web-based solutions for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Navy, major universities, and high profile non-profits. His analyses have been quoted on high profile websites like c|net and the Winsupersite.

    Jake started working with WordPress in 2006 while managing the interactive division of a 100-man contractor. In 2009, while employed as Technology Director at a Providence-based agency, he refocused his professional attention on the platform, releasing free plug-ins, diverting new projects to the platform, and engaging the community. Jake’s leadership helped transform that agency from a 3-man team serving a niche CMS to an open source software agency with 10 employees.

    In February 2011, Jake founded 10up with a vision of a distributed, elite team that could build beautiful, easy to manage websites on the web’s best platform – WordPress.

    Between leading the charge at 10up, Jake is a writer and expert reviewer for Smashing Magazine (the web’s top new media publication) and teaches WordPress development at Boston University. Jake has spoken at WordCamps around the country, including Chicago, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Miami. He helped organize the first WordCamp Boston in 2010 and founded the WordPress Providence Meetup.

    Jake is a core contributor to WordPress and maintains some of the highest rated plug-ins on the official repository. Cumulatively, they have been downloaded over 250,000 times.

  • John Eckman Chief Executive Officer

    John Eckman

    After a first career as an academic (teaching Literature and Composition at the college level), John‘s been working in professional services agencies for the last 15+ years. Most recently he was Managing Director at ISITE Design. Prior to that he was a Senior Director at Optaros, Director of Application Development at PixelMEDIA, and a Director / Principal Consultant at Molecular.

    He has worked with clients across many industries and sizes, from early-stage startups to the Fortune 50, as well as higher education and the non-profit sector. He’s worked as a user experience manager, a technical architect, a project manager (and program manager), an account director and a strategy lead.

    He’s been focused on open source (primarily WordPress and Drupal) since 2006, most visibly as one of the organizers of WordCamp Boston, but also via plugins and talks at WordCamps (New York, Providence, and Boston) and DrupalCamps (Montréal, Western Mass, Connecticut, Boston). He’s also presented at many content management conferences outside of the WordPress community: Gilbane, Confab Higher Ed, CMS Expo, etc).

    He received a BA from Boston University, an MA & PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle, and an MIS from Northeastern University.

    He lives in Salem MA with his wife and dogs, and also blogs at Open Parenthesis on open source, software engineering, user experience design, content management, and internet culture.

  • Jess Jurick Vice President, Consulting Services

    Jess Jurick

    Jess joined 10up in Fall 2011 with years of experience working in the interactive space. Jess has worked with and managed projects for Fortune 20 brands, major non-profits, and state organizations, including CVS Caremark, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Citibank, and the Rhode Island Department of Health.

    Jess is passionate about creating interactive and engaging audience experiences. From layout concepts, to copywriting, to social media integration, Jess knows how to captivate, measure, and keep an audience. A social media maven herself, Jess is especially interested in innovative ways to weave social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook into standalone website experiences.

    Jess helped organize the first WordCamp Miami in 2010, and spoke to WordCamp Miami about audience engagement a second time in 2012.

    Jess graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Communications, and tries to return to the warm climate whenever she can.

  • Vasken Hauri Vice President, Strategic Engineering

    Vasken Hauri

    Vasken joined 10up in February of 2013 with over 10 years of experience working in technology in both the public and private sectors. Before becoming a WordPress developer in 2009, Vasken worked at Plymouth State University in several roles ranging from desktop support to systems administration, and occasionally, adjunct faculty member.

    In November of 2010, Vasken joined GigaOM, a leading technology news and research online publication, as a WordPress developer working remotely from New Hampshire. Upon moving to the Bay Area in mid-2012, he assumed the role of a team leader within GigaOM’s rapidly growing product development group, a position he held until joining the team at 10up in February of 2013.

    Vasken enjoys creating natural, consistent user experiences that enhance and promote interactivity through simplicity. As a developer, one of Vasken’s strengths is his ability to communicate highly technical concepts in a clear, non-technical way in order to build understanding between various project stakeholders. This, along with significant experience across several technology sectors, has allowed him to engineer successful projects within organizations ranging from small, independent businesses to public universities to online publications with millions of unique visitors each month.

    A strong believer in open source technologies, Vasken has spoken and hosted panels at numerous WordCamp, NERCOMP, and EDUCAUSE events, on subjects ranging from Green Computing to WordPress-based centralized authentication systems. He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in German Studies from Haverford College and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Plymouth State University, where he was also an adjunct faculty member in the Computer Science and Languages and Linguistics Departments.

    When he’s not testing cache performance or planning projects, Vasken enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking with his dogs in the Bay Area’s many beautiful nature parks, and as a recent California transplant, is once again trying to find a good group of musicians to jam with in yet another new city.

  • Helen Hou-Sandi Director of Platform Experience

    Helen Hou-Sandi

    Helen is a talented developer with a flair for perfectionism that informs her strengths in usability and user interface design and engineering. Helen joined 10up in Summer 2011 after a few years as both a web developer and instructor of digital media at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, where she also implemented their WordPress-powered website. Today, Helen is 10up’s Director of User Interface Engineering, focusing on projects that demand complex administrative user experiences and providing oversight and guidance on best practices across 10up projects.

    A professional musician with an MM in Piano Accompanying and a BM in Music Performance, you can still catch Helen in concert when she’s not building websites. As an artist, Helen embodies the WordPress philosophy that “code is poetry.” She is passionate about well-crafted, clean, maintainable code under the hood, and a beautiful administrative user interface for the contributors managing your site.

    When she’s not building websites for our clients or performing music, Helen contributes to WordPress core development in writing, testing, reviewing, and committing patches, with an especial focus on the admin experience and structure, leading to her promotion to guest committer before the start of the 3.6 cycle. 10up enables Helen to contribute full-time to the WordPress open source software project.

  • John James Jacoby Director of Web Engineering

    John James Jacoby

    John is 10up’s 33rd employee, starting August 1, 2013. He is the project lead and one of the lead developers of both BuddyPress and bbPress, and has been developing WordPress plugins and themes since 2008.

    Formerly of Automattic’s Dotorg, Social, and VIP teams, John comes to 10up with unparalleled experience building and supporting some of the largest and most powerful WordPress sites in the world.

    John helped organize the first WordCamp’s in Miami and Providence, speaks at numerous events around the world, and enjoys teaching and volunteering whenever possible.

    When he’s not eating, drinking, or breathing WordPress, John enjoys walking his dog Paul, naps, potato chips, home improvement, mixing music, autocross, and more naps.

  • Paul Clark Director of Business Development

    Paul is a TEDx speaker and WordPress core contributor. He has created websites for humanitarian groups, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies. He is a seasoned developer with 17 years of experience in creative applications and 10 years of experience in web programming and team management. Having studied business administration at Pepperdine University, he is in a unique position to contribute as a thoughtful problem solver.

    Paul loves serving people with technology. He loves the challenge of anticipating needs people are unable to express, and then creating solutions that they would never have imagined. In the non-profit world, this is best expressed in “How WordPress Saves Lives and Moves Governments,” a 5-minute talk on creating an electronic medical record and database of human rights abuses for use in the war zones of Burma. (With WordPress!)

    As the Director of Business Development at 10up, Paul brings a goal-oriented business sense from working with clients like The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International. At the same time, he holds a special place in his heart for world-changing ideas and humanitarian causes.

    Paul is a WordPress core contributor and has published over 20 plugins with tens of thousands of downloads on
    wordpress.org and Github.

  • Taylor Aldridge Creative Director

    Taylor Aldridge

    Taylor has over 20 years of design and communication experience, with the last decade spent as the Creative Director for one of America’s largest food distribution companies. During his time there, Taylor generated structure that strengthened, cultivated, and established the company’s message, brand, and culture. He is adept at motivating and inspiring creative teams and obtaining the highest quality design, while still achieving targeted business objectives. Taylor’s expertise is creating communicative designs that are directly tied to enhancing usability.

    Taylor comes to 10up through the acquisition of Brainstorm Media, a company he co-founded with Paul Clark. Here his passion for the web flourished and his empathy for the end user grew. Developing web goals and strategy became a central theme. As Creative Director, he focused on the design and how it applied to the client’s business success sites.

    As 10up’s first Creative Director, Taylor is tasked with building an exceptional web design team, process, and results on par with 10up’s well earned engineering and development reputation.

    Taylor never stops creating. He writes fiction, teaches & speaks, and between his responsibilities at 10up, is even designing his first eco product.

  • Zach Brown Director of Systems Engineering

    Zach Brown

    Some would say Zachary has been a Systems Engineer since he decided to take apart the family computer back in middle school. Before discovering WordPress, Zachary created a content management system for the Kentucky Mesonet where he learned the ins and outs of MySQL and PHP. In 2010, he discovered WordPress during a 14 month stay in Africa where he used the platform to keep a journal and share his experiences with friends back home. Since turning his attention to WordPress, he has built scalable WordPress implementations for a diverse range of customers. The constant innovation within the WordPress community and the unique infrastructure challenges each customer brings keeps Zachary excited about logging on every day.

    As Director of Systems Engineering, Zachary focuses on the infrastructure side of WordPress, establishing high scale, high performance, high security implementations whose environments range from single shared hosts, to high scale, multi-datacenter implementations. Zachary is 10up’s go to for WordPress security, systems performance optimization, and general maintenance. Zachary also serves as a Web Strategist, providing project management services primarily for customers with significant systems requirements and in general maintenance and support states.

    Zachary has a Master’s degree in Meteorology from the North Carolina State University and he brings the same rigorous attention to detail to his work with WordPress as he did his thesis work on hurricanes. When not at the command line, Zachary enjoys cycling, buffalo wings, and any activity that happens in the ocean. He can often be found frequenting the many food trucks of Portland with his dog.

  • Adam Silverstein Senior Web Engineer

    Adam Silverstein

    Adam started programming long ago by learning assembly code for his Radio Shack Color Computer (with 4K!). He started a software company in his college dorm room, wrote code for clients in C, Java, PHP & JavaScript and eventually focused on web development services back in the days when Netscape Navigator was king.

    Adam has worked on everything from small business websites, to writing a custom content management system, to large-scale e-commerce projects. After years building custom HTML/PHP solutions he embraced WordPress as his platform of choice, developing client sites with customized themes and custom coded plugins and eventually releasing a few plugins to the WordPress.org repository.

    Determined to give back to the community, Adam has become immersed in contributing to WordPress Core. He worked intensely on coding the new revisions system in WordPress 3.6, and was named a Recent Rockstar for his efforts. When he’s not working on deferred JavaScript promises, Adam is probably on a rafting trip with his kids, playing mbira, taking a walk with his wife and dogs or tending to his oversized garden.

  • Alison Barrett Senior Web Engineer

    Alison Barrett

    Alison has been working with WordPress since 2008, when she started using it to craft websites for clients and build plugins for the WordPress community. Before joining 10up, Alison began her career as a web developer at local agencies in Minneapolis, then worked for Automattic as a Code Wrangler on the WordPress.com VIP team.

    Alison regularly speaks at WordCamps and other events across the country on advanced development topics. She is also a very passionate advocate for women in the WordPress and greater tech communities, teaching and mentoring whenever possible.

    Alison loves to stretch WordPress to its limits, and puts a lot of value on experimentation. Her favorite projects are the ones that make people wonder, “How on Earth are we going to do that in WordPress?” Making the solution elegant and efficient is even more fun to her than coming up with a solution in the first place.

    When she’s not pounding out code, Alison enjoys shooting zombies and constructing virtual cities, building furniture in her garage, playing with her three cats, and spending quality time with her husband at home in Minnesota.

  • Carl Danley Senior Web Engineer

    Carl Danley

    A true craftsman of writing code for the web, Carl has an innate ability to weave complex architectures of code to automate advanced tasks. With over seven years of experience developing websites with various frameworks, he has created compelling web identities and custom user interface features for major brands, including Hair Club for Men and Godiva Chocolate. Carl is dedicated to engineering solid foundations that boast re-useability and maximize efficiency and server performance.

    Carl is well-versed in the field of e-commerce systems and has experience with a wide variety of APIs, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, Google Checkout, PayPal, ShopRunner and many others. Carl has also built and supported robust APIs that handle over 25,000 queries a day.

    Formerly driven by the mantra “turning Mountain Dew into code,” Carl has recently developed a palate and passion for exotic tea blends to fuel his creativity. When he’s not immersed in code, Carl enjoys spending time with his fiance and two pets. He also gives back to the development community by contributing to more than 10 online forums and participating in local PHP and WordPress user groups that help engage the South Florida web developer community.

  • Cindy Kendrick Senior Web Engineer

    Cindy Kendrick

    Although Cindy actually earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications, she prefers coding over designing these days.

    Cindy first fell in love with programming during a Survey of Computer Programming class in her freshman year of high school. She began developing websites in 1996 and switched to using WordPress when it was first forked from b2. She’s tried most of the other CMSs, but keeps coming back to WordPress.

    Cindy joined 10up as part of the Brainstorm Media – 10up merger. Before joining Brainstorm Media in 2012, she designed and developed websites for a local ISP for 7 years. During that time she also released several WordPress plugins.

    Cindy spends her free time with her husband, son, and cats as well as coding WordPress plugins, working on her own websites, reading, creating art, and other crafty endeavors. She also collects ducks.

  • Darin Kotter Senior Web Engineer

    Darin Kotter

    Darin has a passion for good code and building sites that are easy to use. He discovered his affinity for WordPress, a platform that lets him do just that, while employed as the lead web developer at a marketing agency in Idaho. Today, Darin is excited to be focusing his career on building top shelf themes and plugins for the platform. A few of his plug-ins can already be found on Github and the plug-in repository, today.

    Darin’s attraction to web development was sparked by the notion that he could take a blank canvas and build a fully functional product on top of it. It’s the perfect outlet for his creative impulses and desire to be challenged.

    When Darin is not up to his elbows breaking order to a digital mess, he loves spending time with his wife and two kids. A sportsman, he can often be found outdoors, usually playing basketball and golf. He lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and loves the slow life of a smaller city with all the benefits of the great outdoors.

  • Dave Ross Senior Web Engineer

    Dave Ross

    Dave’s parents took him to see Star Wars when he was a month old, instilling in him a love of science fiction and technology right from the start. He taught himself to program in second grade and started building web sites in 1996. He’s watched the web grow from a nerdy novelty to a major part of our lives, and he’s excited to see what the future holds. We may not have flying cars, but booking a vacation from a smartphone is almost as good.

    In his fourteen years in the industry, Dave has built interactive displays for a major metropolitan museum, web sites explaining such cutting edge topics as high-energy particle physics labs across the globe, and the online home of a world conference focused on improving conditions in growing urban areas. He has worked with a variety of web platforms and technologies, including WordPress, Drupal, and other popular content management systems. But it’s the WordPress community that made the biggest impression on him, with its focus on user experience and its welcoming attitude toward newcomers. He’s spent the last five years building sites, developing plugins, and troubleshooting core issues with WordPress. You may have also seen him speak at WordCamp Boston 2012 or a Chicago-area meetup group.

    Dave was born & raised in Chicago, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Roosevelt University. These days, he calls the Boston area “home”. When he needs a break from his futuristic digital cocoon, Dave enjoys jogging, kayaking, gardening, crossword puzzles, and volunteering at a local cat shelter. He also has a good time watching bad movies with his wife, Amy.

  • Doug Stewart Senior Systems Engineer

    Doug Stewart

    Doug has been using Linux since 1997 or so, but don’t hold that against him. He brings over 15 years of experience in the IT industry to bear on problems related to networks, systems and software, with a special penchant for solving problems in the Linux space. He has spent time at software giants like IBM, in the advanced US Defense Department research community, working with geneticists and medical researchers as a high-performance computing administrator and has even spent a bit of time in a startup or two back in the first Internet Bubble. Lately, he has been working heavily in the areas of systems automation and virtualization.

    Doug first came across WordPress in 2004 during the Great Licensing Wars and has been a dedicated WP user and contributor since version 1.0. He has experience in developing themes and plugins, contributing to the core WordPress software, participating in the greater community and helping WordPress users get the most out of their sites.

    Doug also co-organizes the monthly Philadelphia WordPress Meetup and the yearly WordCamp Philadelphia and Tech Week Philly events and is very involved in the Philadelphia metro area WordPress community.

    When he’s not wrangling Linux, Doug can be found keeping busy with his wife and four kids. He coaches his son’s lacrosse team, is an avid reader, actively participates in his church and community events, and is consumer of music of all kinds. He also owns a kilt.

  • Eric Mann Senior Web Engineer

    Eric Mann

    Eric has been building websites recreationally for over a decade, and professionally since 2006. He’s been a WordPress developer and advocate ever since a friend bribed him with a ticket to WordCamp Portland back in 2007. Ever since, WordPress has been Eric’s preferred platform for both serious development and rapid prototyping. Since before joining 10up, Eric put WordPress at the core of projects ranging from corporate websites to Facebook apps to slideshows.

    Eric spent 2006 to mid 2012 working with a variety of software paradigms and languages, including Microsoft’s VB.Net and C#, JavaScript, and even some Ruby and Python. At the same time, he always remained active in the WordPress community by speaking at WordCamps, contributing to core WordPress development, and answering questions on the WordPress Stack Exchange.

    Today, Eric works on amazing projects with WordPress – his favorite tool, that he helped to build.

  • Grant Landram Senior Web Strategist

    Grant Landram

    Grant began his web career experimenting with web design, PHP and WordPress after rejecting the boring career outlook that his studies in business, economics and mathematics afforded him. Upon seeing the accessibility and breadth of the WordPress platform and it’s community, Grant was hooked.

    As he learned more about the economics of the web industry, he quickly began building a business around web strategy. Culminating in founding his own web design and development shop, Grant accrued an array of experiences including link building, consulting for tech startups, speaking about organizational economics and business strategy, managing large projects for a list of Fortune 500 clients, even a brief 11-month affair with his own software startup. In the end WordPress won his heart, and in the years leading up to joining 10up, Grant was building things on the web with WordPress, speaking at WordCamps, and organizing meet-ups and WordCamps in the sleepless city of Seattle, Washington.

    When not diving into web strategy Grant is an avid marathon runner and musician who enjoys the outdoors as much as he does a good book on economics or chess theory.

  • Heather Hogan Senior Web Strategist

    Heather Hogan

    Heather had no idea that summers filled with Lemonade Stand and Oregon Trail on the Apple IIe would lead to a fervent passion for problem solving through interactive communications. Her work managing, designing, and developing award winning sites for municipal and small business clients such as the City of Santa Monica, Contra Costa County, the Sacramento Public Library, and Sacramento Beer Week allowed Heather to hone her skills and grow as a communicator and leader. Heather enjoys toying with content: sorting, organizing, and strategizing systems with clients to make their publishing and site management experience fun and simple. She envisions and executes sites allowing end users to notice the products, services and ideas – not software and interface. She strives to make clients, publishers, and website visitors sublimely happy.

    Heather’s passion for art and design, as well as the next generation of designers and developers, led her to teach creative web design for twelve semesters at Sacramento City College. Using skills forged in the classroom, she embraced crafting and delivering client trainings on various content management systems. It was these training/teaching sessions that solidified Heather’s love of WordPress for its simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use. Her love of WordPress led her to find a home at 10up where she could live and breathe WordPress.

    An avid supporter of all things local, Heather enjoys sampling the exceptional array of fodder and libations available in America’s farm-to-fork capital: Sacramento, California where she lives with her husband and two young children. Working with the great folks at 10up is her dream job, but if she had to walk another path, she would enjoy owning sandwich shop with an amazing craft beer selection and shade-filled patio.

  • Jason Clarke Senior Web Strategist

    Jason Clarke

    Jason is a writer and web developer with a wide range of experience spanning more than 10 years working with the Internet. As a college student looking for extra income, Jason drew on his love of computers and the Internet and sold his first freelance website project for a whopping $100.

    Soon, Jason built his own CMS, leading to freelance and volunteer projects. He also wrote and managed a high­ traffic blog and became the web developer and a founding board member of the Media Bloggers Association, the first national organization providing a community and support network for bloggers.
    Jason discovered WordPress in 2005 and went on to spend eight years working for a local web agency as a developer and project manager, collaborating with staff and clients to plan, build, and support websites. He’s written about WordPress on WP Daily, and writes about almost everything else on his personal blog, jasonclarke.org, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in May 2013.

    Jason lives in beautiful Orono, Maine, with his wife and two children. Together, they enjoy reading, exploring Maine’s many unique spaces and landmarks, watching movies, and traveling.

  • John Bloch Senior Web Engineer

    John Bloch

    John has been building websites since 2005 after picking up HTML for fun while studying abroad in Italy, which quickly led him to PHP and JavaScript. Eventually, he realized his hobby was also a marketable skill and he made it his full time job. He’s been happily hacking away ever since.

    After John first discovered WordPress in 2008, it quickly became his platform of choice thanks to its combination of user-friendliness and power under the hood. This is the same balance that John strives for in all of his work. John is passionate about using WordPress to build effective client solutions and making WordPress sing.

    In addition to building websites, John enjoys studying just about anything computer related. A true engineer, John automates any computing activity he performs more than once by writing a script. He has even hacked together desktop applications in Python for Ubuntu.

    When he’s not in front of his computer screen, John enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, participating in local tech meetups, and building a bonfire with a few dozen people, drinking beer, and singing folk songs into the wee hours of the night.

  • Josh Cunningham Senior Web Strategist

    Josh Cunningham

    Josh Cunningham is a life-long geek with a passion for creating online media using modern techniques and open source software. Always learning, reading, building, and experimenting, Josh is never satisfied with the web’s status quo.

    Josh spent the first 6 years of his career supporting, teaching and documenting mobile technology before moving out of state to pursue a degree in chemistry. He came to his senses before graduating, and turned his attention to WordPress and front-end web engineering. Josh built a strong clientele while finishing his degree and transitioned to full-time self-employment in 2011. For the last 6 years, Josh has been providing design, development, and documentation services for design agencies and tech-forward companies.

    As a former small business owner, Josh has experience with the ins and outs of running of a technology business. Josh has helped hundreds of businesses build and manage an online presence using WordPress, custom, and open-source code. He contributes to the WordPress plugin repo and has built niche commercial themes. His diverse experience makes him a valuable asset for anyone looking to start, improve, or optimize their online strategy.

    Josh is a husband, a (soon-to-be) father, and a dedicated “techie” to his family and friends. He’s an avid (though fair-weather) cyclist, a passionate beverage connoisseur, and a die-hard gear head.

  • Kara Buffardi Senior Web Strategist

    Kara Buffardi

    With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Information Technology, and a focus on advertising, Kara works to improve client brands across a variety of mediums.

    Prior to joining 10up, Kara worked in digital marketing and account management for a variety of clients, ranging from local non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Her most recent role was with Fidelity National Information Services, where she served as a Client Services Manager working with the world’s leading financial brands to introduce solutions for everything from credit card processing to online banking implementations.

    Kara currently serves as the President of Ad 2 Milwaukee, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping young professionals navigate the city’s marketing industry through networking and educational events. During her time as President of Ad 2, Kara led the organization through a full rebranding, coordinating social media strategy development and deployment efforts.

    Outside of the office, Kara enjoys experimenting with food, traveling, or finding a way to live life to the fullest.

  • Luke Woodward Senior Strategic Engineer

    Luke Woodward

    Since picking up his first book on HTML in 2001, Luke has been fascinated with building for the web. When Luke was introduced to Content Management Systems, he jumped into the WordPress deep-end and immediately started developing custom themes and plugins for clients to tailor WordPress to their exact needs. He believes that the web should be device agnostic, and as a result has familiarized himself with responsive design techniques and patterns.

    Luke takes pride in making products that are not only effective, but easily understood, updated, and maintained. He holds that the WordPress experience should be unified among plugins and themes so that interactions are consistent and natural across the entire platform. He also believes in having the heart of a learner, and having the heart of a teacher. To fulfill these philosophies, Luke is an avid reader and has an enormous appetite for podcasts. He is constantly observing new ideas, learning new techniques, and hearing the messages of new voices on a variety of subjects.

    Most of Luke’s free time is spent with his wife and cat in Portland, Oregon. Beyond reading and podcasts, he enjoys disc golf, soccer, cooking, and assisting his wife on photo shoots.

  • Megan Gray Senior Designer

    Megan Gray

    Megan Gray is an award-winning designer who has produced designs for clients including Johns Hopkins University, Hilton Hotels, Arlington Department of Public Health, and the public television series Roadtrip Nation. She has nearly 10 years of experience managing projects from concept to completion in the Non-Profit, Higher Education, Health Care, and Creative spaces.

    The combination of her background as a writer and editor for Washington, DC newspapers, experience as a marketing strategist for Johns Hopkins University, and years of experience as a freelance WordPress designer, gives her a well-rounded perspective on any project.

    Megan’s passion for making clients’ dreams a reality ultimately led her to WordPress, where content management is easy and nearly anything is possible.

    Megan graduated with honors from the University of Iowa with a dual degree in English/Communications and Spanish. When she’s not designing or building WordPress sites, you can almost always find her at the beach.

  • Rachel Baker Senior Strategic Engineer

    Rachel Baker

    Rachel first started building websites in 1996, and has acquired a broad range of technical knowledge including front-end development, back-end development, API design, database architecture, systems administration, and QA testing. She started using WordPress personally in 2005, after reading a blog post detailing upcoming features in the 2.0 release. After attending the first WordCamp Chicago in 2009, the amazing community around WordPress lead her to focus on doing WordPress Development professionally. Rachel has lead development on WordPress projects of all shapes and sizes including for high-traffic communities and Fortune 500 companies.

    Rachel is dedicated to being an active part of the WordPress community. She is probably best-known for the BootstrapWP theme, which has over 120,000 downloads. Rachel also authored several plugins including Async Social Sharing and Font Awesome. Rachel has spoken at WordCamps in Chicago, Milwaukee and Atlanta, contributed to WordPress 3.6 and BuddyPress 1.6.1, and is featured in the “Locking Down WordPress” security guide.

    Rachel lives in Chicago with her wife Yesenia and their pets, two cats and a dog. When not working, she mentors new developers for Dev Bootcamp, tries to improve her JavaScript, or just relaxes with a Belgian style beer.

  • Sarah Williams Senior Web Strategist

    Sarah Williams

    Sarah is a communicator through and through, having worked in strategy and marketing roles over the past seven years that required her to navigate broad spectrums of stakeholder groups to ensure deliverables drove bottom line results. Sarah has provided strategic communication support and leadership for a variety of organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Most recently, she managed the development and maintenance of a WordPress-powered Intranet for TruGreen, a company with over 6,000 geographically-dispersed employees. Sarah is also well-versed in managing projects for more traditional mediums such as video production, visual messaging, event planning, and print publications.

    Having been on the client-side of many projects for huge enterprises like TruGreen, she brings a unique perspective to team 10up, and uses her “other side of the fence” insight to improve our project management processes. In addition, Sarah’s roots in offline marketing, branding, and production disciplines enable her to contribute to our rapidly growing creative services division, offering everything from copywriting to high-level communication plan strategies in support of new site launches.

    Sarah is a Cornell University graduate with a BS in Communication and an MS in Communication from North Carolina State University. She currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and when she’s not hard at work she can usually be found enjoying the outdoors with her family and dog.

  • Taylor Dewey Senior User Interface Engineer

    Taylor Dewey

    Giving life to creative ideas is the passion and motivation that has been driving Taylor to make websites since 1998. Recently, he has focused his attention on creating a positive user experience. It’s this focus that prompted him to start working with WordPress in 2009. Today, he maintains a few plugins in the repository, contributes to other plugins, and participates in user forums.

    Taylor chose to work with the web because it is a medium where creativity and technology synergize and, as a virtual product, constantly evolves into something better. He is excited to work with 10up to make the web – and WordPress – a better place.

    When not behind a monitor, Taylor enjoys getting outside to hike, bike, backpack, or play disc golf. He lives in Portland, Oregon because the weather is mild, the landscape green, and the abundance of awesome coffee shops and microbreweries.

  • Taylor Lovett Senior Strategic Engineer

    Taylor Lovett

    Taylor first started playing around with HTML at age 10; his curiosity for websites and web applications grew from there. He has a passion for turning a blank canvas into something incredible. Solving the constantly changing puzzle of meeting client needs propels Taylor to learn about different and more effective web technologies and strategies.

    Taylor believes learning is an extremely important part of what keeps web development fresh and fun. When WordPress came onto the scene, he jumped in head first developing plugins and themes for personal and client websites. Taylor’s most popular plugin is Custom Contact Forms; a plugin for creating contact forms that is jam packed with features. It has been downloaded over 350,000 times.

    Taylor has developed WordPress themes to meet a wide range of needs from an architect looking to display photos to a University of Maryland graduate program looking to maintain a database of scholarly publications. He loves WordPress and wants to see it grow into something even more amazing.

    Other than developing web applications, Taylor is a lover of music. He enjoys listening to blues and jazz music as well as playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

  • Thorsten Ott Senior Web Engineer

    Thorsten Ott

    Thorsten is 10up’s first European employee, living near Cologne, Germany with his wife, son and a crazy Beagle. Thorsten worked in software development for over a decade before joining 10up; he led the web development department for a large dedicated hosting company and Germany, and even ran his own web agency in Bulgaria.

    From 2008 to 2012, Thorsten was one of the original engineers supporting the Automattic WordPress.com VIP team. He wrote and contributed to essential WordPress developer tools and plugins including Exploit Scanner, Debug Bar Extender, WordPress-CLI-Exporter, and WordPress-CLI-Importer. He is also a core contributor.

    From 2012 to 2013, Thorsten did a quick detour into the Cloud Computing, OpenStack and the Python world, working at a start-up called PistonCloud, though he never managed to keep his hands off of WordPress.

    When he’s not engineering websites or spending quality time with his family, he’s usually cooking, tinkering with electronics, and developing Arduino style projects.

  • Will Seyffer Senior Monetization Strategist

    Will Seyffer

    Will joined 10up in August 2013, bringing years of experience spanning diverse roles, markets, and verticals in the Internet industry. Will is passionate about empowering people and organizations with technology, and has always sought positions that combine both human engagement and high tech.

    In November 2009, Will joined Integra Strategic Technologies Consulting to help manage the e-­media operations for a large, national B2B publishing company. Working with advertisers, sales teams, and upper management, Will successfully managed operations and directly contributed to the client’s market share growth. After establishing a team tasked with managing day to day operations, Will was promoted to Project Manager, overseeing e-media operations and managing the build out of new sites for other clients. Will was instrumental in implementing WordPress as a CMS replacement for existing toolsets at Integra.

    As Senior Monetization Strategist at 10up, Will is leveraging his unique body of experience to expand 10up’s client offerings. Will helps 10up clients navigate and implement advertising efforts, like ad sales, that cannot be effectively automated.

    Outside of work, Will is an avid home chef, cookbook collector, traveller, gearhead, music buff, and gadget geek. A recent transplant from Portland, Maine to San Francisco, California, you can find Will exploring his new city, reading food blogs, searching for hole-­in­-the-­wall noodle bars, or enjoying weekend ‘Top Gear’ marathons with his girlfriend and their black lab, Lucie.

  • Aaron Holbrook Web Engineer

    Aaron Holbrook

    Aaron started crafting websites came at the age of 14, when he built a fan site for his favorite video game: Age of Empires. This passion led to a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and, befitting the game, a minor in Economics. Aaron cultivated a passion for HTML, CSS and PHP and built his own Content Management System months before discovering WordPress in 2004.

    After managing a hospital website for 5 years, Aaron’s passion for engineering online publishing solutions drove him to focus on WordPress full time. Before he knew it, Aaron found himself speaking at 5 WordCamps and leading the organization of WordCamp Chicago 2013. He even managed to make core contributions to WordPress 3.5 and 3.6 and release a few plug-ins on the official repository.

    When Aaron isn’t rocking WordPress, he’s playing video games (he’ll even cop to watching “professional StarCraft matches”), working out, hanging out with his 2 kids, and on at least one occasion, jumping out of airplanes.

  • Amy Hendrix Web Engineer

    Amy Hendrix

    Amy has been building for the web since the late 90s. Over the years she has worked with a wide variety of languages and technologies, ranging from HTML/CSS and JavaScript to PHP, Ruby and Python. She first encountered WordPress in 2008, and began focusing almost exclusively on the platform starting in 2011. In that time, she’s built custom themes and plugins for small businesses, large universities, and everything in between.

    Amy has been recognized as a core contributor to every WordPress release since 3.3, most recently focusing on accessibility improvements for the Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen themes. Amy has presented at the WordPress’s anchor conference, WordCamp San Francisco, as well as her local WordCamp in Raleigh. She is the team representative for the Community WordPress project team, where she has contributed to such areas as theme review, accessibility, and support.

    When she’s not immersed in all things WordPress, Amy is a competitive sabre fencer and an instructor for her local Girl Develop It chapter.

  • Andrew Mowe Design QA Engineer

    Andrew Mowe

    Andrew began building websites in 2010. What began simply as a personal need evolved into a passion for coding. He then threw his full weight behind learning as much as he could about creating beautiful web experiences. Very early on, he experimented with the Joomla CMS, before finding and falling in love with WordPress. The strength of the community and the solid user interface really struck him and it quickly became his go-to platform for building new sites.

    In his previous life as an independent filmmaker and animator, he developed skills that can still be seen in his work on the web. His eye for detail, consideration of the user experience, and desire to tell a good story are evident in his projects. In addition to strong front end engineering skills, Andrew has an unusually keen eye for fit and finish and intense passion for a great visitor experience.

    When he’s not working on or learning more about making great WordPress sites, Andrew likes making and playing retro video games. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, his cat and a large stack of books, and trying in vain to tackle his Netflix queue.

  • Brandon Camenisch Web Engineer

    Brandon Camenisch

    Brandon’s affinity for programming started in 1997 when he wanted to make his own game mods. Shortly after, his programming career began when he started building websites for the local community. Since that time, he’s coded solutions on a number of different frameworks including Zend, CakePHP, Drupal, and Symfony, to name a few.

    He stumbled upon WordPress with the Strayhorn release (1.5). But it wasn’t until Thelonious (3.0) came out that WordPress really caught his eye. That’s when he decided to focus exclusively on WordPress. He quickly realized that the community is what makes WordPress shine. Brandon loves writing code, and believes open source is changing the world.

    Before joining 10up, Brandon spent several years freelancing, where he worked on a wide array of projects with clients loved his workmanship.

    When he’s not working, Brandon can be found enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado, traveling, or learning something new. He also fancies himself a bit of a hacker/security enthusiast and likes to solve unique problems.

  • Chris Marslender Web Engineer

    Chris Marslender

    Chris has been a professional web developer for the past 5 years, and has been building websites as a hobby for over 10. His interest in programming began in elementary school, when his grandfather taught him QuickBasic. A few years later, he had built his first static HTML website, and began helping family and friends do the same.

    In his freshman year at the University of Arizona, he started doing freelance web development projects for small local businesses. He quickly discovered WordPress and has been using it as his platform of choice ever since, even contributing a few plugins to the official WordPress plugin repository. After freelancing for 4 years, he joined a web agency in Tucson, AZ as their lead web developer, and in addition to building websites in WordPress, he worked on web apps for project management and document sign off.

    When not making websites, you might find him tinkering with electronics, playing his saxophone, or working on his car.

  • Daniel Immke Design Engineer

    Daniel Immke

    Daniel started building websites as a teenager back in 2005, fulfilling his natural curiosity as an avid fan of the world wide web. Empowered by the virtually nonexistent barriers to entry – just a computer and the will to learn – what started as a hobby soon became his obsession. In 2008 he discovered WordPress in the process of building his first (now defunct) blog, where he posted Photoshop tutorials.

    Daniel’s passion for WordPress grew, and before he knew it, he was using it for all of his projects. Daniel has attended multiple WordCamps, has spoken at meetups, and used to write for the WordPress news site WPCandy at its height. For him, WordPress represents an empowering of publishers and businesses to take control of their content in the same way that he did when he learned to code.

  • Dave Kellam Web Engineer

    Dave Kellam

    Dave has been making websites since his earliest days on the web; his passion for the Internet, computers and coding led to a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Queen’s University. He discovered WordPress in late 2004, and wrote his first plugin not long after that. He made the jump to full-time freelancer in early-2011, and had the opportunity to work on a number of high-profile WordPress sites.

    Dave also has a passion for education and the printed word. He obtained a degree in education, and worked full-time as a high-school mathematics teacher. His love for publishing began in elementary school with a take-over of the school newsletter and continued through university, where he edited a large campus newspaper. This interest in publishing culminated with a Masters degree in Book Design from the University of Reading. He uses the information organization techniques, design principles and attention to typographic detail learned there to inform his web development process.

    Dave spends his free time listening to music, watching movies and playing with personal websites. He loves to travel and can often be found exploring the world with a camera.

  • Dillon McCallum Designer

    Dillon McCallum

    Dillon discovered his passion for design while creating business identities in 2001. This, of course, led Dillon to web design, a crucial extension to any brand development process. He quickly found the web to be his ideal canvas, as he incorporated dynamic, interactive assets, enabling a far more engaging experience. Before he knew it, Dillon was providing creative services for Fortune 500 companies, universities, telecoms, and government projects. Before Dillon joined 10up, he served as a Creative Director and Project Manager at a Phoenix-based agency.

    Dillon is fascinated with design trends, and is always exploring tools and technologies that push interactive design further. Dillon enjoys the entire design process, watching ideas evolve from concept to creation. Dillon is comfortable in professional design tools, front end web design (HTML / CSS), and is even known to get his hands a little dirty in WordPress theme code.

    Dillon lives and works in Portland, Oregon, 10up’s “center of gravity” and home to our main office space. When Dillon is not developing awesome websites he is usually battling imaginary monsters or digging for worms with his son.

  • Drew Jaynes Web Engineer

    Drew Jaynes

    Drew got his start building websites at 16, learning just enough HTML to build a tournament portal for his online gaming league. Over the next several years, he dabbled in LAMP stack development as a hobby, contributing to the phpBB open source project starting in 2003. In 2008, Drew got a crash course in WordPress development and design when he volunteered to retrofit his college newspaper’s website. He never looked back.

    Since 2010, Drew has worked as a full-time WordPress developer, designer and student mentor. He’s been a credited core contributor for every major release since 3.3. Notable contributions include work on autocomplete integration, the Twenty Twelve theme, improvements to inline and contextual help and extensive work on a UI refresh of the menu management screens for the 3.6 release.

    Drew believes that those who benefit from WordPress should do their part to help sustain and cultivate its vibrant community. He volunteers on the support team, has released several plugins and a theme and was elected as a rep for the Documentation team in 2012. He also co-organizes a local WordPress meetup in Denver where he speaks regularly on a variety of topics.

    In his free time, Drew enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains, local beer culture and basking in Colorado’s yearly “300 days of sunshine”. He also enjoys traveling to WordCamps and watching indie films.

  • Dustin Filippini Web Engineer

    Dustin Filippini

    Dustin began his journey into programming in the mid-1980s on a Tandy 1000 computer using BASIC. During High School, he was the geek in the computer lab and was even “banned” from the library for a short time for “hacking” computers. He began creating websites in 1997 using everything from Geocities to Frontpage, eventually learning HTML.

    Dustin continued to freelance in web development while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he was born and raised. He created his first WordPress site in 2005, using version 1.5, for an academic project supporting a local small business. He continued to freelance until becoming a full-time WordPress developer in 2011, a few years after moving to Milwaukee.

    Dustin organizes the Milwaukee WordPress Meetup, Web414 Web Design & Development Meetup, and the Milwaukee JavaScript User Group. He was also lead organizer of WordCamp Milwaukee in 2013, after assisting in 2012. Dustin was proud to become a WordPress core contributor as of version 3.7.

  • Grant Mangham Web Engineer

    Grant Mangham

    As a recovering Englishman now residing in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, Grant is one of 10up’s more international employees. Having studied film at university in the 90s, the obvious next step was to be come a web developer, and he has been making websites go ever since. He has worked for outfits both large and small, and also spent some years in the wilderness of freelancing. Along the way he became the architect of a successful SaaS project, developed the GTmetrix for WordPress plugin, built the Stanley Park Ecology Society website in his spare time, and frankly did so much other stuff that he’s forgotten most of it, but he’s sure it was really neat.

    Grant is a strong believer in giving back to the WordPress community, and consequently sometimes distributes advice on WPSE, attends WordCamps, and contributes the odd plugin to the repository. He can be quite passionate about writing clean, efficient code, and likes the plugins and sites he works on to run like well oiled machines. He is drawn to WordPress due to it’s generally being a pleasure to work with as a developer and a user, rather than it being an ordeal.

    When not immersed in code at his Mac, he can frequently be found criticizing movies, listening to various forms of raucous or weird music, or hiking. He attempts to learn guitar, and procrastinates around writing a book. Mostly, however, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and their baby daughter.

  • Gustave Gerhardt Web Engineer

    Gustave Gerhardt

    Gustave remembers when Prodigy was the coolest thing on the Internet. Back then, he spent his days either drawing or pushing his parents’ PC to the limit, and his nights falling asleep to the screeching sounds of his father’s dot matrix printer.

    As a young adult, Gustave hoped to combine his passions by entering the world of video game design. However, life had other plans and career opportunities in the not-for-profit sector where Gustave worked for several years. Finally, in 2006, he discovered the joys and challenges of using WordPress in his work as marketing director and freelance web developer.

    In 2011, Gustave began working for a media agency, where 99% of his projects were built in WordPress. He created customized implementations for banks, hospitals and local businesses while emphasizing a user-friendly experience for the clients.

    When Gustave is on the clock, he enjoys figuring out how to import legacy data systems into WordPress. Off the clock, he loves playing classical guitar and video games, brewing and drinking craft beers, and spending time with his wife and children.

  • Ivan Lopez Web Engineer

    Ivan Lopez

    Ivan started building websites as a freelancer in 2006 while attending college, immediately after taking a course on HTML and CSS. After graduating, he worked with several web agencies in Central Florida. At the time, Flash was booming and he had the opportunity to build rich video experiences and several games. Since that time, Ivan has had the opportunity to work with several languages (in addition to PHP), including ASP, ActionScript 3, JavaScript and some C#.

    After working with numerous Content Management Systems – including one that he built – Ivan discovered WordPress and was instantly hooked. WordPress quickly became his CMS of choice; he even found himself building on it in his free time. Ivan thinks of WordPress as a “canvas,” a “foundation of great masterpieces”.

    Over the last seven years, Ivan had the opportunity to lead and work with small to medium sized teams to deliver time sensitive projects to high profile clients like Walmart, and Hilton Grand Vacations. His last role involved leading a team of 6 developers in support of a major retail client.

    When he’s not working on code, you can usually find Ivan cooking, traveling and spending time with his wife and daughter in sunny Orlando.

  • Jeff Sebring Web Engineer

    Jeff Sebring

    Before becoming a web developer, Jeff worked in fields ranging from manufacturing to wholesale automotive and business to business sales. After becoming infatuated with web development, he brought his business experience to freelance clients, using WordPress as a foundation. WordPress was the logical choice as a website platform, with a very active development community, and its ease of customization.

    Today, Jeff is a Web Engineer at 10up, building websites with unique complexities that he loves wrapping his mind around. Jeff is passionate about new technology, and always looks for ways to apply new tools to his web engineering. In addition to keeping up with the latest web standards and performance practices, Jeff likes to focus on flexible responsive websites, web typography, and other cross-device solutions.

    Jeff loves Open Source Software, and the power it gives people to create and communicate in our digital world. He uses Linux for day to day computing, and is always seeking to expand his understanding of the tools he employs.

  • Jim Barrett Design Engineer

    Jim Barrett

    Jim has been active in the WordPress community since 2008, first as a designer, then as an advocate and a speaker. He brings over 10 years of UX, front end, and visual design expertise to the 10up design team. Before coming to 10up, Jim worked for various agencies and companies in the Minneapolis area, crafting design solutions for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

    Like many other 10uppers, he enjoys speaking at WordCamps nationwide, advocating the use of WordPress for all manner of projects. Jim recently spoke about the importance of user experience in the design process at WordCamp Milwaukee this summer.

    Jim fully embraces our “content management made easy, maybe even fun” mantra, demonstrating an amazing ability to narrow in on publisher needs and challenges, crafting workflows that enable them to better do their jobs. He has a deep appreciation for the strategy of design, taking the time to ask questions and understand the “why” before turning his focus to the “how” of engineering.

  • Kailey Lampert Web Engineer

    Kailey Lampert

    Kailey can’t remember a time when her family didn’t have a computer, however it wasn’t until the seventh grade that her interest in building web pages was piqued. She barely knew what she was doing, but she kept at it anyway. It wasn’t until some post-high-school classes that she filled in the gaps and started really getting into web development.

    A few years later, Kailey was tasked with working on a WordPress site. She’d never heard of it prior to this assignment, so there was a little learning curve, but she saw the potential and began focusing on WordPress development. Starting with some basic theme customization, then moving on to plugin development, and finally giving back by making some core contributions and getting more involved with the WordPress community.

    Today, she keeps up with the latest changes in WordPress, attends (and sometimes speaks at) WordCamps, and tries to contribute back to other parts of the WordPress ecosystem – she knows that the enthusiastic community behind the software is what makes WordPress unique.

    When Kailey isn’t doing techie things, she might be traveling or looking for new playing cards to add to her collection (more than 250 decks at last count). She also has a fondness for wearing mismatched socks.

  • Kelly Dwan Web Engineer

    Kelly Dwan

    Kelly has been engineering the front and back end of websites since 2005, and has been building websites with WordPress since 2008. Kelly’s passion lies in beautiful, semantic code that forms pixel-perfect websites. She espouses the WordPress philosophy of decisions, not options, in all of her work. She has extensive, unique experience creating websites for higher education.

    Before moving to Boston, Kelly was the co-organizer of the Western Massachusetts WordPress Meetup and spoke frequently on a variety of development topics; she also had an opportunity to speak at WordCamp Boston in 2011. She has also written two plugins relating Meetup.com data to WordPress sites. Now a Boston resident, Kelly hopes to get involved in the various tech meetups in the area.

  • Mary Cadwell Web Engineer

    Mary Cadwell

    Mary had her first taste of the Internet back in the 90s, when a website would take minutes to load and modems made noises connecting. She built her first website with tables, animated gifs and telnet. While attending college at DePaul, she realized she could actually major in “computers”. She quickly switched, earned her degree in e-Commerce, and has been heads down in the web ever since.

    Mary has spent the last few years being a go-to freelancer for several agencies, building WordPress sites and plug-ins and, in some cases, cleaning them up. She’s worked with such notables as the University of Chicago, Apartments.com, and Riddell.com.

    Mary loves music, and is attempting to master guitar, but has so far found it a bit less natural than WordPress. When she’s not on the Internet, you can find her practicing Aikido (a Japanese martial art), biking or cooking something vegetarian.

  • Mike Jordan Web Engineer

    Mike Jordan

    Mike is an international traveller who fell in love with WordPress in 2010. Hailing originally from South Carolina, USA- Mike has lived on three continents ( North America, Asia & Europe ) and visited many exotic locations.

    Along the way he nabbed a BS in Computer Information Systems, led student-organized Tsunami relief efforts in 2005, served as applications & databases manager at an international security company, started a travel agency, and happened to bump into Paul Clark in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This chance encounter introduced Mike to the wonderful world of WordPress and provided the awesome opportunity to co-build the WordPress tools that are still being used to save lives in Burma today.

    Since 2010, Mike worked alongside Paul Clark & Taylor Aldridge at their company, Brainstorm Media, which firmly believed that democratized, open publishing platforms like WordPress can make the web, and the world, a better place. During this time, Mike built and maintained powerful systems with clean interfaces for a number of clients, representing a wide range of industries and non-profit organizations.

    In January 2014, Brainstorm Media joined forces with 10up and Mike was able to add his skills and experience to the incredible pool of talent that resulted from this acquisition. Mike has a passion for travel, community and helping those in need, and has found that WordPress serves as an excellent platform for bringing all of these passions together.

  • Ryan Hellyer Web Engineer

    Ryan Hellyer

    Ryan originally started out as a chemist, but after a decade of science geekery, he decided to trade in the test tubes and spectrometers for a career in the wonderful world of WordPress. Ryan has worked on projects ranging from e-commerce portals to government websites to security audits, with everything in between.

    Ryan often finds WordPress itches which need scratched, which has resulted in his releasing several plugins for the WordPress community. Through trial and (lots of) error, Ryan has become a fan of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to WordPress development.

    Ryan has co-organized WordPress meetups and WordCamps in Norway and has spoken at WordCamps in New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Portugal and Romania. Whilst at WordCamps, Apple fanboys often raise their eye brows at Ryan’s choice of OS/computer combo. After upgrading to a MacBook Air, he quickly ditched Mac OSX and upgraded to his OS of choice, Ubuntu.

    Ryan is a strong believer of ignoring the weather, and so when he is not geeking out on his computer writing or analyzing WordPress code (which happens often), he can usually be found exploring the beautiful outdoors, rain, hail or snow.

  • Sara Tirrel Web Producer

    Sara Tirrel

    An alumna of Plymouth State University, Sara has been working in the technical support field since 1998 and loves tinkering with new technologies and platforms. Early in her career, Sara worked as a technical writer and customer support specialist for Direct Response Technologies, an affiliate marketing firm in Pittsburgh, PA. During that time, she helped set up a new satellite office in Beulah, ND and trained a staff of 6 new customer support specialists.

    From there, Sara returned to Plymouth State University and has been dedicated to providing a positive customer support experience in a variety of roles there for over a decade. It wasn’t until 2006 when Sara discovered WordPress, looking for a simple CMS to manage her mommy blog, but she has used, loved, and supported others using WordPress ever since. She spent some time working with the university’s Advancement Team, managing the intake and output of alumni data and databases, piloting a WordPress-powered portal to support the initiative. Most recently, Sara was the Customer Service Coordinator for the Plymouth State Help Desk, supervising 30 adjunct staff members.

    Sara is passionate about supporting teams to ensure successful internal working relationships and external client outcomes. She has an appreciation for polished design and intuitive UI, things she puts to good use ensuring 10up projects ship in A+ shape on both the front and back end.

    When not glued to a keyboard or phone, Sara can be found chasing her two sons and husband around on adventures in their home state of New Hampshire.

  • Scott Lee Web Engineer

    Scott Lee

    Years ago, Scott started working with WordPress by promising his previous employer a website – without having the experience to fully back up that claim. As luck would have it, the WordPress community came through in helping this beginner succeed and launch his first website. It’s this very community that made Scott love working with WordPress and eventually led to a full-time development role.

    Scott has spent most of the last 5+ years at various publishers and agencies as their only WordPress developer.

    When his laptop is closed, Scott enjoys being a husband and father of two. If he’s not at home, he’s probably out running, mountain biking or sharing new music with friends.

  • Spencer Hansen Web Producer

    Spencer Hansen

    Spencer lives to build. He’s most fulfilled when collaborating with a team and loves the satisfaction of seeing a project come together. Spencer comes to 10up from Team Eight, the small design shop he started in 2003.

    Spencer has led creative projects and marketing campaigns for client partners of all sizes, often contributing his own illustration, design and programming skills along the way. After stumbling into WordPress a few years ago, Spencer decided to focus on the platform and since then its been a meaningful part of almost every digital strategy he’s developed. He loves working with WordPress’s inner workings in his role at 10up.

    In his free time, Spencer dabbles in illustration, screen printing, and carpentry. It’s taken him and his wife over seven years to renovate their small home, all under the watchful eyes of their newly born daughter and what some may consider to be way too many cats.

  • Tammy Hart Design Engineer

    Tammy Hart

    Tammy has been in the business of creating websites for over 7 years. Between stints as a Creative Director at small agencies, Tammy spent much of her time as a freelancer where she fostered an appreciation for both creative design and solid coding. She’s a pixel perfectionist, and loves to see a project from blank canvas to final launch.

    Tammy has built custom themes and plugins for clients, and has released free themes and plugins for the WordPress community. She has spoken at over a dozen events, mostly WordCamps, and has taught classes on blogging and building websites with WordPress.

    She joins 10up as its first full time designer. Tammy’s ability to combine an elegant set of creative design skills with a solid understanding of web engineering makes her a unique asset.

    Tammy may hail from Alabama, but considers herself a geek first, and southerner second. When she’s not hunkered over her keyboard, she can be found bring wife to her husband of 11 years and mom to her three daughters.

  • Tanner Moushey Web Engineer

    Tanner Moushey

    During a multi year high-school programming class, Tanner developed a love for engineering code and creating applications with powerful, but simple user interfaces. It wasn’t long until this interest led to his first static HTML site followed by a few years of building websites for family and friends.

    When Tanner decided to quit his manufacturing job to pursue a carrier in web development it was only too easy to decide on a development platform. Compared to working with other Content Management Systems, the ease and flexibility that WordPress offered was a breath of fresh air. After spending a few months of late nights interning with a Seattle based WordPress shop, and with help from the Seattle WordPress community, Tanner plunged into a carrier of freelancing until being hired on at 10up.

    Tanner loves building web apps with WordPress, and has built a few already. If you don’t find him at his desk pushing the limits of WordPress, Tanner is probably off taking a break with his beautiful wife and 3 sons or leading worship at his church with his trusty Taylor guitar.

  • Pat Silvia Operations Manager

    Pat Silvia

    As Operations Manager, Pat manages everything from financial operations, to employee travel, to event management. Pat came to 10up with a wide variety of office management experience.

    Pat was employed for 11 years at Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) in Redlands, California, the “guru” of geographic information system mapping. As Project Coordinator, she successfully managed the word processing of multi-million dollar government and private-sector project reports and proposals taking them from draft stage to a client-ready deliverable. She also provided administrative support to ESRI’s upper level directors, software developers, and overseas contractors. Before moving to California, Pat worked as a legal secretary for a large blue chip New York City law firm, Lord, Day, and Lord, where she supported partners and attorneys focused on white collar criminal defense litigation.

    Recently she worked for the Church State Council, a legislative affairs office in Sacramento, where she interacted with the California State Legislature planning weekend lobby events and reported on current bill legislation in Hawaii, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah. She also assisted the legal department focusing on workplace discrimination cases and the issue of separation of church and state.

    Pat lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband John and Sam her Golden Lab. Originally from “The Bronx” she still misses the Yankees and a good slice of New York Pizza. In her spare time she enjoys Art Journaling and Card Making.