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About a month ago, Jane Wells posted surveys for various WordPress contributor groups, including one for core code contributors on wpdevel, in an effort to begin getting them more organized and select team representatives. I’m very excited to have been chosen as one for the core contributors group. We’ll be aiming to have regular cross-group chats and an in-person summit sometime in the near future. This is very exciting, not just for those of us representing the various groups, but for the community at large. Some of the things that I know I’m looking forward to are more communication and collaboration across groups (e.g. UI and accessibility, core development and documentation) and encouraging more people to contribute in whichever way suits them as the WordPress ecosystem continues to grow.

In other community news, I am working with the CSS/front-end development minded folks among the UI group to come up with working CSS coding standards. Though we’ve made some great strides forward, we are still very much in the discussion phase. If you’re interested, check out our updates over at Make WordPress UI and join us for our weekly chats on Tuesdays at 18:00 UTC. We haven’t been very good about chats over the past months, but we hope to get the group more publicly active and encourage more people to join us. Don’t wait to get involved, though – it may be in the late beta phase, but it’s a great time to test 3.4 and report any bugs you might find, especially in other languages and RTL on the UI front. And, as always: patches welcome :)

Editor’s note from Jake: All of us at team 10up were very proud to see Helen earn a spot as a core team representative. This makes 10up the only team agency to have an employee as either a team lead or alternate lead. We’ve gone ahead and increased our employee time donation, so Helen will have even more time to help make sure WordPress remains the best CMS on the planet.

  1. […] 10up partner Helen is now a core WP contributor and 10up highlights that contribution on their blog. It’s very exciting to see more core involvement springing up all over the WP ecosystem, as it has a big impact on the quality of the core software we all depend on. Let me know if you spot any more examples and I’ll share them here. Share this:Email […]

  2. Congrats Helen! I expect that you’ll do a great job representing a chunk of our core developers!

    • Thanks, Aaron! And the same to you!

  3. Yes congrats! We at WP Engine need to devote time on this front as well — you’re another inspiration for us. P.S. I like your sidebar widget.

  4. […] from around the country; talent like Helen, 10up’s Lead User Interface Engineer, and the team representative for User Interface on the Core project. No fewer than five of 10up’s employees are credited core WordPress contributors, more than […]

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