Overdue: New Logo for 10up


10up has come along way since I cobbled together a logo at the beginning of 2011. With 2013 almost upon us, it was past time to move beyond questions like “Is up written in Comic Sans?” Let’s face it – our logo did the job, but it didn’t exactly communicate “first class agency.”

Our new logo is more evolution that revolution, just like our own path over the last two years. Our fundamental business and ideals – making first class websites and online publishing experiences – hasn’t changed. We’re bigger, have more resources, have in-housed resources for systems and design, and have a little more polish as a “company.” So too, our logo is a bit bigger, a bit more rounded out, and a bit more polished.

What does “10up” mean, anyhow? It means carrying forward and upward. It means not just a little better, but a lot better. It means a big leap ahead. And it conveys this idea concisely, just like our new logo. What do you think?

  1. Nice job, Jake.

  2. Nice, a great improvement :)

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