Video & Discussion: Enterprise Class WordPress

Enterprise Class WordPress is a look at what it means to tackle web projects for really big organizations using WordPress. The talk highlights tools and resources for enterprise implementations, marketing tactics and resources for pursuing large scale clients, and even takes a hard look at what our platform needs to do better (multilingual). Above all, it explores how we, as a community, can better pursue large businesses and make WordPress not just the #1 web publishing platform for small to medium sized organizations, but the #1 platform for large scale implementations.

Meaningful conversation and education about WordPress in enterprise is really critical for ushering in the next stage of WordPress’s growth, which is why I’ve taken this conversation to a few WordCamps in the last few months. I debuted the talk in Orange County, but the Boston version was the first to make it up to You can also see the standalone slides from the original version (which has evolved a bit).

The community feedback has been great, especially since it’s impossible to touch on everything with, typically, less than 45 minutes (in fact, I wish I could effectively condense the talk and leave more time for conversation at the camps). I’ve heard recommendations for content staging solutions and some upstart translation plug-ins, and heard great points about enterprise-tier WordPress security, the importance of mobile, tools for comparing platforms, and the balance of salesmanship and “geek cred” at the marketing stage. The most exciting comment I heard was from a developer, one month after my talk, who told me my talk inspired him to finally build a team. I’d love to see all of these conversations continue here!

Have a plug-in recommendation for translation or staging? Disagree with any of my points? Have I missed something important? Let me know what you think.

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