What Would Core Do?

WWCD? Or, What Would Core Do? Yesterday, at WordCamp Miami, I finally debuted a talk that I had been thinking about for some time. I see WWCD as the third and capstone talk in my “extending WordPress administration” series, and it’s my favorite of the set.

The series began in 2010 at Chicago with “Hijacking WordPress Admin” – one of the first talks to focus on hooks and techniques to generally tailor the administrative panel to individual clients. You can only fit so much into a talk, so rather than focus on good user interface, I focused on sometimes over the top examples to illustrate the idea that the admin panel is actually remarkably flexible. After a few repeats at different WordCamps, I used WordCamp Chicago 2011 to debut the second in the series: “Editing the Visual Editor.” This time, the focus was solely on methods to customize the visual editor and refine the writing experience – the place where publishers spend most of their time.

The capstone talk is the lightest on code (two quick slides at the end). Rather, it gets back to the philosophy of extending WordPress administration, and challenges plug-in and theme authors to “do better.” It’s a fun look at some terrible plug-in practices, with a serious underlying point: when you build on WordPress, do you think about how the core development team would approach the problem?

We’ll hopefully have the video from WordPress.tv soon, as well.

  1. Looked through the slides. Looks like an awesome presentation! Couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote in there!

  2. It was a great talk, Jake.

  3. […] coming Monday, I’ll be delivering an encore presentation of WWCD? (What Would Core Do) at the monthly Boston WordPress Meetup. We’re also sponsoring the meet […]

  4. Great talk @ the Microsoft Center / M.I.T. 3/26/12. Really appreciate your dedication to the craft – AND the less is more, wwcd, keep it simple philosophy!

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