At our 10up Developer Summit, we collectively decided to document our workflow, tools, and process. With a handful of employees it’s easy to spread collective knowledge, but we’re growing fast and now have a need to document web technologies such as Vagrant, Git, and Grunt; who to contact and how to use our internal IRC channel; and how our staging servers are set up.

But who writes those docs, where do they go, and what should they look like?

Earlier this week I attended Write The Docs: a conference for technical writers that was created in the domain of software and web development. Many of the talks at this conference were devoted to who should write the docs. The consensus is that engineers compose technical documentation which is then edited by more experienced writers. Other presentations covered technical writing itself, careers, and documentation platforms.

Our code is well documented – and soon our internal processes will be too. Our engineers are already documentarians. The docs are being assembled in an internal WordPress-powered website and I’ve started the initial concept of a theme to make those docs easily readable and navigable.

If you’d like to help us write our docs, strategy, proposals, and emails, we are hiring web strategists.

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