Come Work With Us: WordPress developer with a front-end focus

At 10up, we say we’re always hiring, and it’s true. We’re always looking for WordPress engineers and web strategists, but right now we’ve especially got our eyes on hiring another WordPress developer with a focus on the front-end. We offer a competitive full-time salary and benefits. If you’re interested, send a resumé and code samples (like a WordPress theme) to [email protected].

About Us

10up is a fully distributed WordPress strategy and development agency, meaning we all work from home or wherever our chosen workspace may be. Our clients range from TechCrunch to Universal Sports to Bates College. We have 18 full time employees, including developers, project/client managers, a designer, and a sysadmin. We encourage and foster giving back to the community; ten of our fourteen developer-types contributed to the WordPress 3.5 development cycle. We take pride in having a special focus on the user experience for both the creators and consumers of a site. We also take pride in being an especially connected team, even though we don’t share an office. We use an IRC channel for much of our real-time communication (including a really helpful bot) and are always exploring how we can communicate and share most effectively.

Position Expectations

“Front-end development” is an awful big umbrella, right? In practice, your main responsibility on a given project would be taking a design and turning it into a beautiful, interactive experience. Many projects include responsive design and/or mobile interaction components. We don’t have any company-mandated frameworks or preprocessors; most folks use what’s comfortable for them. Of course, that also means you just might have a chance to shape our front-end workflow as you get to know what we do and who we are. There will be the occasional need to step into some deeper development tasks, which hopefully would excite more than intimidate you. The languages you’d see day-to-day would be HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.

What we’re looking for:

  • Strong foundations in clean and semantic HTML and CSS. We really like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Experience with JavaScript, especially in the frame of user interactions. jQuery and jQuery UI are probably a big part of your toolkit, but not the entirety of it.
  • Experience building basic WordPress themes with knowledge and usage of coding standards and best practices.
  • Strong knowledge of front-end optimization and cross-browser inconsistencies and testing.
  • Knowledge of mobile-specific web development, such as touch interactions.
  • A love for typography on the web and an eye for detail in everything – code, pixels, type, imagery, emails, etc.
  • Proficiency with common design software, especially Photoshop.
  • Experience with local development and version control – we use both Subversion and Git.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills. There is always a project manager, but you will occasionally interface directly with clients. You’ll also be communicating internally, especially with said project manager and any other designers or developers who are also on the project.
  • Self-direction and ability to time and task manage.
  • A thirst for learning, both inside and outside your usual comfort zone.

What we’d love to see:

  • Knowledge of deeper WordPress development topics like custom post types, taxonomies, or caching.
  • Some proficiency with MySQL and WordPress queries.
  • Experience with tools for automation (think Grunt.js).
  • Active contributions to the WordPress community, whether via core, themes, plugins, or support. Other open source projects are also a plus.
  • Experience with web design, branding, or graphic design.

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