Kailey Lampert joins 10up

Howdy! My name is Kailey Lampert (with a P, as in pterodactyl!), and if you spell my last name backwards you’ll get trepmal, which is how some of you might know me on the Internet. I’m really excited to be 10up’s newest Web Engineer, as I’ll be able to work more closely with some of the best talent working with WordPress.

I first got excited about web development 13 years ago during a short HTML course in middle school. It took a few more years for me to figure out what I was doing, even as I was having loads of fun. About 5 years ago I discovered about WordPress, and it opened my mind to bigger and better projects and opportunities.

What started with some basic theme customization turned into building plugins, and eventually contributing back to WordPress core (even if started by fixing a few typos at first). A big part of the software’s success is the active and enthusiastic community supporting it, so when I’m not working on code, I like to attend, and sometimes speak at, WordCamps.

More than just collaborating with my fellow 10uppers, I’m really excited to start learning from them!

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