10up opens up an office in Portland

We’re proud to formally announce the opening of our first office in Portland, Oregon this month. Portland has an incredible online media community, second only to mega-metropolises like New York City and San Francisco, without the high cost of living. As a distributed company, we find the best strategy, creative, WordPress engineering, and systems talent from across the United States. As it turns out, 5 of our 25 full-time employees live in the Portland metro area, with two more living just a three hour drive (or train ride!) away in greater Seattle.

10up Portland Office

In short, this expanding, thriving technology community is the perfect atmosphere for 10up to begin growing its distributed roots into brick and mortar hubs.

Our Portland team is excited to have a local hub, and anticipate working out of our office for more than half of their working hours. Other 10uppers from across the country have already expressed an eagerness to visit the office throughout the year.

A physical presence in Portland offers all of 10up a greater sense of home. The office will act as a central hub for face-to-face meet-ups and events, including open houses and 10up sponsored hack days. We plan to use our office to strengthen our relationship with the local web design and development and WordPress community, and hope that a physical office will attract some new talent.

As the Director of Web Engineering at 10up, I’ll be responsible for overseeing the office day-to-day. I’m eager to see my Portland peers more frequently, and excited to do more face-to-face brainstorming.

The office is located at NW 6th and NW Glisan on the border of Old Town and the Pearl Distrct. Originally the Oregon Cracker Company Building, the location is now listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The office is near a number of other creative and online agencies, including at least one of our close partners.

We just received the keys a few days ago, so stay tuned for photographs and updates as we move into our new digs!

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  2. Cool building! Looking forward to visiting soon.

    On that note, can I sleep there?

  3. Kudos to the new digs in Portland! I think it is really great that you’re using space in a historical building too.

    Diane Felt

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