Publishing Workflows for WordPress & CMS Expo 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in CMS Expo 2013, where I presented Publishing Workflows for WordPress. The final talk is broken down into three major sections: (1) a review of inherent WordPress workflow, including some improvements coming with 3.6, (2) a look at plug-ins that enrich its native workflow, from full featured editorial plug-ins like Edit Flow, to narrow, helpful tools like Ice Visual Revisions, and (3) inspiring case studies that illustrate just how far WordPress workflow and curation can be extended in the hands of a strong engineering and user experience team.

I’ve published the slides to YouTube, since a large portion of the presentation includes screen recordings, demoing some built in features, plug-ins, and showcases. I want to thank the awesome, engaged audience, which ranged from fellow WordPress professionals to novices who have never even opened the software.

In addition to the few snapshots below from this talk, you can find photographs from my presentation and my participation in the Can Your CMS Do That? panel on our Facebook page.

CMS Expo - WordPress

CMS Expo - Jake Goldman

  1. sweet! great presentation!

  2. Do you know if the presentation with audio is or will be available anywhere? I’ve been trying to convince my team of moving to an all WordPress workflow and getting Google Docs out of the process, but am encountering a lot of resistance. This presentation looks great, but the audio would help a lot!

    • No audio was recorded.

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