10up Sponsors, Attending Converge SE

convergeseWe are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Converge SE, a popular annual conference for web professionals held in Columbia, South Carolina that covers topics ranging from web design and development to business and marketing. Converge SE attracts top tier speakers and sponsors from companies like Google, 37signals, and MailChimp. Converge SE has always included sponsoring agencies and participants from first tier agencies specializing in Drupal, and more platform agnostic creative services, and we thought they were overdue for some WordPress-specialist love.

As a Design Engineer here at 10up, I’m looking forward to bringing ideas back from sessions like “Responsive JavaScript”, “Performance in a Responsive World”, and “Building Animations with CSS3.” It looks to be a fun weekend filled with learning from peers, networking, and experiencing everything that the event has to offer.

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