Welcome “WordPress Rockstar” Adam Silverstein

My name is Adam Silverstein, and I started tinkering with code when I was 10 years old and began building websites for small business clients in 1996. I tackled everything from front end design, to custom Java client/server code, to web server management, building a huge range of sites for clients large and small, and eventually choosing WordPress as my platform of choice. WordPress was perfect for quickly building rock-solid sites that were easy to extend and enhance with custom code.

Not one year ago, I jumped full force into contributing to WordPress Core. Finding real room for improvement and a chance to hone my programming skills, I spearheaded the rewrite of the new Backbone.js based revision system for WordPress 3.6 – earning me the humbling title of ‘Recent Rockstar’ on the credits page.  I’m hooked (no pun intended), and plan to stay an active contributor to WordPress Core – I love the feeling of community, collaborative effort and helping a platform doing no less than democratizing the web.

When I’m not reading programming books and writing code, you can probably find me on a rafting trip with my two teenage kids, playing mbira (african thumb piano), taking a walk with my wife and dogs, or tending to my oversized garden.

I love collaborating with teams of programmers, designers, and strategists, and am thrilled to leave behind the life of an independent consultant to join the incredible group of talent at 10up!

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