WordSesh Archives: Watch Team 10up Anytime!

WordSesh 2013 may no longer be live, but you can keep learning by checking out the session recordings over on the WordSesh YouTube page!

If you missed it, WordSesh 2013 was the first ever free, live-streaming WordPress presentation venue. It ran uninterrupted for 24 hours on April 13th, 2013 (UTC), featuring a new session every hour on the hour. 10up was excited to be a part of WordSesh, with four presenters across three sessions! Now that the event is over, the organizers of WordSesh have archived all 24 hours worth of presentations. Each session has been separated into its own video, so you can browse their videos by presentation title.

Go below the fold to check out videos from Jake’s 10 Questions I Ask Developers, my (Christopher’s) Anywhere , Everywhere WordPress Themes, and Carl and Eric’s WordPress Javascript Hooks.

That should keep you busy while we eagerly WordSesh II!

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