10up and WordSesh: Free WordPress Presentations

If you ever wanted to learn about WordPress, but never had a chance to attend a WordCamp, now there’s an amazing opportunity to attend WordCamp-style lectures from home! It’s called WordSesh, and we’re proud to be a big part of it.


WordSesh 2013 is the first ever 24 hour free, live-streaming WordPress presentation venue. Starting at midnight UTC on April 13, 2013 (that’s 8:00 pm EST and 5:00 pm PST tonight, April 12) and running uninterrupted for 24 hours, WordSesh will feature a new session every hour, on the hour.

Two of our Senior Web Engineers, Eric Mann and Carl Danley, will be presenting on WordPress Javascript hooks at 5:00 UTC, our President – Jake Goldman – will be giving listeners an Interview Cheat-Sheet to use with Developers at 20:00 UTC, and Christopher Cochran, one of our Design Engineers, will be presenting on the adaptivity of WordPress Themes at 12:00 UTC.  The rest of the sessions are equally exciting, ranging from topics like BuddyPress (the WordPress social networking tool), to WooCommerce, with a session about the future of eCommerce for WordPress.

Scott Basgaard, the organizer of WordSesh, is excited by how much WordSesh has to offer, “WordCamps have Skyped people in for a session, but I was thinking bigger than that. The 24 hour format makes the event accessible to every time zone, and we have such an awesome line up, with tons of cool speakers, that we have a little something for everyone who is interested in WordPress. Best of all, we’re going to archive everything so people can come back the next day, the next week, the next year, and learn. This is the first, but won’t be the last!”

A great event to get in touch with the WordPress community, it will be held in a mix of Google Hangouts and Youtube Live-stream. It will be a casual learning event, with opportunities to talk, Twitter, and ask questions. Scott sees this as a chance to help the community get even more connected; “It’s great to see people coming together. It’s not a competition, it’s working together. We’re all friends, we all support each other, and WordSesh is just another amazing way to do that.”

You can tune into WordSesh on their website starting at 00:00 UTC on April 13, 2013. You can also follow them on Twitter for updates.

  1. Great post Elizabeth and both awesome and an honor to have 10up involved!

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