10up and FiveThirtyEight

We’re thrilled to unveil our second collaboration with ESPN, the new FiveThirtyEight! The site relaunched today with a fresh new Responsive design and content strategy on WordPress.com VIP. Over the course of roughly three months, 10up worked closely with ESPN to implement their new design vision, ensuring a fluid reader experience across devices using creative provided by their team. The WordPress theme powering the site features custom curation interfaces, advanced post editor controls (like footnotes), and sophisticated ad and analytics integrations.

The new FiveThirtyEight will continue to embody data journalism at its core, with Nate Silver at the helm now leading dozens of journalists reporting across verticals like Sports, Politics, and Science. In addition to traditional reporting, the site will also employ data visualization techniques to enable readers to better digest, interact with, and apply data trends to their everyday thinking. FiveThirtyEight will be housed in ESPN’s new Exit 31 content group, ” a creative enterprise that will combine the resources of three existing units – ESPN Films, Grantland and FiveThirtyEight – under one umbrella.”

We’ll have more to say about FiveThirtyEight in the future – for now, check out the new site!

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