PushUp: Push Notifications for WordPress

We couldn’t be more proud to announce 10up’s first product, PushUp. PushUp makes it incredibly easy to deliver your content directly to your readers’ desktops, even when their browser is closed. In version 1.0, we’re starting with support for Safari Push Notifications on Mac OS X Mavericks, the best implementation of desktop notifications.

We couldn’t be more proud to feature launch partners like 9to5mac and Edelman, with committed beta customers like Deadline.com and GigaOM taking PushUp into production in a matter of days. Expect to see more familiar brands rolling out PushUp in the coming weeks.

We think on demand notifications from websites – from desktop to mobile – is an important evolution in online publishing. Having to actively check a website or feed reader, or even Twitter, for the content you really care about seems to us as antiquated as manually opening your email client to check for new messages. Our push notifications are 100% white-labeled: we send consumers directly to your content. Nothing stands between your and your relationship with your reader, not even a link in the middle to our services.

Needless to say, Safari Push Notifications is just the beginning.

PushUp is built for scale and has been heavily battle-tested. We’ve already delivered over 17 million notifications since we launched a private beta in January, with an impressive 600,000 push notifications delivered on our peak day. Heavy investment in our infrastructure, including multithreaded technology, empowers us to deliver notifications to the desktops of all 124,000+ 9to5mac subscribers in less than 5 minutes.

PushUp isn’t just for major publishers: it’s ideal for casual bloggers, too. Our flexible pricing model and one-time setup fee enable you to pay as you grow: pay only for what you actually use. Don’t push, don’t pay. Less than 100 notifications each month? Its free. Deliver 500 notifications in one month? Just $1.99 for that month.

Installing the plugin is simple, using it even easier. In fact, we think you’ll forget PushUp didn’t ship with WordPress itself. PushUp adds a “Send push notification” checkbox right above your publish button. But don’t worry, no matter how many times your impatient writers mash that publish button, the notification will only be sent once. You won’t find gaudy ads, or awkward service panels crammed into WordPress.

We’re excited to invite you to try PushUp on your blog – be one of the first 50 customers to use discount code Thanks10up for a setup fee of just 99¢ (instead of $14.99).

What are you waiting for? Head over to pushupnotifications.com and get started!

Editor’s note from Jake: I couldn’t be more proud of our first product. When you take brilliant engineers like Carl Danley, long time WordPress contributors like John Jacoby, visionary designers like Megan Gray, and leading systems expertise like Zach Brown, and put them together, something very special happens. PushUp feels like a native part of WordPress, with beautiful touches and incredible engineering standards, from client side JavaScript to SaaS scalable, secure infrastructure. PushUp 1.0 is just the beginning – and so with that, it’s time for us to get back to work!


  1. I’m already registered to start receiving push notifications from http://www.chrislema.com. This is sweet. Good work.

    • Jason,

      We’re glad to hear that! Thanks for your support.

  2. Is there a plan on making this plugin available on WordPress VIP?

    • Mike,

      This is live on a few VIP sites already, so I would assume it will be part of the plugin repo soon. I’m outsider don’t quote me :). Can be embedded in the theme for now, though.

  3. Congrats, Carl!

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