Team Collaboration: Tweet by Category

When I first joined 10up, one of my first challenges was building a Twitter plugin for a client who wanted to automatically tweet based on category. Luckily, I work with an amazing team. I lamented in our team IRC room, and to my surprise, discovered that we already had a plugin that did exactly what I needed. Well, almost exactly.

The existing module, built for another client, was all but abandoned before it was fully polished for non-specific use cases. It also used Twitter’s deprecated v1 API, so I had to swap out the communication layer. Still, I had a starting point thanks to the inventiveness of the team, and our consistent application of coding standards.

A few weeks later, we had a solid, polished release using the v1.1 API ready for a new client. We released the project (it was still not fully abstracted, but complete enough for their purposes) and pushed it to the back burner (read: all but abandoned it again). Last month, yet another client requested the same feature. I dusted off our Git repository and started smoothing out the still rough edges so we could launch an even more refined version for a third client.

That’s when it hit me: this plugin only exists as a result of the way our team collaborates. It has been gradually improved and iterated over time across multiple developers and disparate project requirements. Yet we had never released the source outside of our company.

A couple of emails and about 10 minutes later, Publish to Twitter went public on both GitHub and I’d personally like to invite you to join the growing team of collaborators on this project to help make it even more flexible and useful for our entire community.

tweet by category

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