10up at WordCamp Providence 2014

wcprovlogo_1xOn September 26-27, John Eckman and I will be attending WordCamp Providence at the University of Rhode Island. The excitement continues around the JSON REST API slated for core integration in the near feature. (I participated on the WP API team, along with fellow 10up’er Rachel Baker). A huge amount of work has gone into the API, and we are all super excited to present on it at WordCamps around the world.

I’ll be giving a talk covering the need for the API, cover REST basics, and teach developers to use the API. Having been the lead contributor to the Backbone client, I will be talking about how developers can use JavaScript to interact with the API. There are already some awesome JavaScript implementations of the API popping up such as my own _s_backbone.

If anyone is interested in talking about the API, working for 10up, or just generally chatting feel free to pull me aside!

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