The 11 days of 10up holiday

In celebration of another successful year, 10up will be on holiday break from Friday, December 23 through Monday, January 2. We’re looking forward to recharging our collective batteries, as we prepare to buckle in for 2017.

What, exactly, does the “average” 10upper do with 11 days away from the virtual office, anyhow?

“I’ll be visiting family for the holiday and taking some time to take my son to the Zoo and the Aquarium. Other than that I’ll probably crank out a side project because working is how I relax (it’s sick, I know)!”
—Tim Wright, Lead Front End Engineer | Charleston, SC

“I’m tackling a project: building a table out of some old barn wood.”
—Katie High, Senior Web Strategist | Horsham, PA

“It’s been a while since I took any vacation to spend time with my family. So I am going to use this break to go on a road trip around my state with my family.”
—Sudar Muthu, Senior Web Engineer | Tamil Nadu, India

“I’ve dyed my hair green for the holidays. During the 10up holiday break, I will make an attempt to learn conversational Spanish. I wonder what will happen if I sleep with Duolingo App under my pillow?”
—Aileen Kerness, Team Lead | Valencia, Spain

—Grant Landram, Director of Project Management | Seattle, WA

“My daughter and I bought our first home and will be using the break to move in! We’ve spent the last six months remodeling it and are pretty confident HGTV will be calling us any day now for our own show. A spastic toddler with a hammer and paint brush? Move over Chip and Joanna!”
—Katie Wilkerson, Senior A&R Strategist | Henderson, KY

“Visiting friends and family and taking some much needed time away from a screen.”
—Jason Boyle, Senior Web Engineer | Portland, ME

“I’m going to be tearing down the wall between my kitchen and dining room and making it a half wall with a nice long piece of countertop you can sit at. You know, that whole HGTV ‘open floor plan with sight lines’ thing. Also: lots of naps.”
—Helen Hou-Sandí, Director of Platform Experience | Jersey City, NJ

“I’ll be teaching my two and a half year old to ski at Squaw Valley. It is truly a dream come true!”
—Ben Ilfeld, Lead A&R Strategist | Sacramento, CA

“The holiday season is all about tradition for my family! 5k night run through Christmas lights, Christmas karaoke at the local spot, turkey dinner, and mimosas on Christmas morning! With the extra time this year, we will be heading to a cabin in the woods to relax, hike, and enjoy the company.”
—Kate Ashlock, Operations Coordinator | Oklahoma City, OK

“My wife Heidi and I are renewing our wedding vows, then heading out for the honeymoon we never had the first time around!”
—Jason Clarke, Director of Accounts | Orono, ME

“I am excited to kick back and relax with my family and to spend time in my bible education ministry.”
—Veronica Bruce, Financial Operations Manager | Bay Minette, AL

“I’ll be visiting our new hometown 900 miles away to look at housing. It’s excellent to be able to bring my job with me when moving. #distributedFTW”
—John Ragozzine, Lead Communications Manager | Bangor, ME (soon-to-be Raleigh, NC)

“I’ll be spending my 10up break with my three favorite family members: my husband, little one, and puppy dog!”
—Christine Garrison, Recruitment Manager | Fort Lewis, WA

“Relaxing, visiting family and playing in the snow!”
—Ben Greeley, Senior Web Engineer | Waterville, ME

  1. I’ll be building a RetroPie, which is an arcade / console game emulator on the Raspberry Pi platform, and playing games from the eighties . . .

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