WAMU.org launches, powered by React.js and the WordPress REST API

Yesterday, Washington, D.C. NPR regional affiliate WAMU released a fully reimagined website in partnership with 10up. Designed to elegantly present written and audio content, we engineered a cutting-edge WordPress implementation that leverages React.js and the WordPress REST API to create an immersive single-page app experience. Visitors can listen to audio content using the player bar pinned to the bottom of the screen, without interruption, as they browse the site on a phone, tablet, or desktop browser.


Other highlights include:

  • Complete homepage and topic page curation using the WordPress Customizer;
  • Attractive ad integrations, including fully native DFP ads embedded within the audio player;
  • API integrations that provide audio and written content from the NPR API and Public Media Platform;
  • Sitewide alerts and calls to action integrated prominently and seamlessly;
  • Progressive rendering, with a fast-loading app “shell” that initially serves page content from WordPress until the React app renders completely.

Check out our project showcase to learn more about this exciting collaboration.

  1. wow, that site is amazingly fast. The future has arrived.

  2. Really cool looking site, site size is pretty large at over 3MB, 75 HTTP requests on load and first view time is 8-10 seconds. Site images could easily be image optimized.

    • Performance optimization is a continuous process; we’re excited to see this release build out the door, and we continue to partner with WAMU to tackle other opportunities for improvement.

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