Reintroducing Windows Azure Storage for WordPress

When collaborating with Microsoft, we are often responsible for making WordPress work seamlessly with Microsoft’s own offerings, including their Azure cloud service platform. An ideal Azure hosting configuration leverages Azure Blob Storage to store and deliver uploaded media assets and attachments. Microsoft’s existing, open source solution, Windows Azure Storage for WordPress, had been neglected for years; we stepped up to overhaul the plugin.

The 4.0 release addresses legacy SDK dependencies and features a refactored code base, bringing it in line with our WordPress Best Practices.

What’s new

  • PHP 5.3+ compatibility with support for Version 2015-12-11 of the Microsoft Azure storage service;
  • Replacement of the legacy PHP SDK with WordPress’s HTTP API;
  • More in-process notifications for an improved UX during long operations;
  • Added the ability to browse images uploaded to the Azure blob storage directly inside the WordPress media library;
  • The ability to store files both in the Azure cloud and your WordPress web server simultaneously;
  • New filters to provide developers with more control over the system;
  • Numerous security fixes.

A complete list of changes can be found on GitHub, where you can also post questions and contribute to the project.

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