Meet a hosted search and query engine for ElasticPress

We’re proud to announce a hosted service that integrates with ElasticPress, our popular plugin, to provide a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress.

We built ElasticPress to overcome higher-end performance and functional limits posed by the more traditional, structured (SQL) database underpinning WordPress. Storing content in a modern (noSQL) query engine like Elasticsearch empowers us to produce superior keyword search and related content results, and supercharge the performance of complex queries like a filter on multiple product properties or a location. Smarter and faster content makes for a better web and, not accidentally, is important to search engines and visitor retention / conversion.

While our plugin made it simple for WordPress-savvy engineers to talk to Elasticsearch, the need to manage Elasticsearch hosting added friction and complexity, at odds with the simple user experience 10up strives for. As we prototyped exciting use cases involving private content, we realized that end-to-end security added even more complexity. solves all of that—making it dead-simple to start using enterprise-caliber search and query technology with WordPress. It enables innovative features like accelerated admin performance that require end-to-end control and security.

Some of our site hosting partners offer similar solutions; Automattic even offers Elasticsearch with their enterprise plans. In many cases, those solutions serve their customers very well, are recommended and supported by us, and can even integrate with ElasticPress. There are also ElasticPress adopters who prefer hosting and managing their own Elasticsearch infrastructure: we’ll continue to support self-hosting as a popular use case for our plugin, and our plugin will always be free and open.

Starting at $299/month, with 99.9% uptime across all our plans, fills a need for customers whose WordPress site hosting doesn’t already include a solution like ours, and who want an enterprise-caliber, end-to-end, no fuss solution with superior customer service.

While we’re just beginning to open this product to the public, we have been privately using with select clients for more than a year. Thanks to our strict privacy policy, we can’t tell you about all of the big brands relying on, but we can tell you that customers like JDRF—one of the largest nonprofits in the world—and publications like Texas Monthly rely on is tested, mature, and ready to welcome new customers. Want to learn more? Check out the new website, and reach out today!

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