Supporting the first WordCamp for Publishers

WordCamp for Publishers

Denver, Colorado

Speaking Sponsoring

The first WordCamp curated for publishers begins Thursday in Denver, and features sessions for engineering, product, and editorial teams at news rooms big and small.

With our mission to make a better web for content creators, it’s no surprise that many of our clients are publishers, from storied giants like The New York Times and Time Inc to breakout digital voices like 9to5mac and Uproxx. Combined with our committed support for open platforms like WordPress, we’re proud Gold Sponsors of WordCamp for Publishers, the highest tier publicly offered.

I’ll be participating in the event along with fellow 10uppers Ben Ilfeld, Whitney Yadrich, Jay Moore, and Derrick Koo. We’re eager to learn, and eager to share: four of us will present at the event.

Ben will apply his experience as an Audience & Revenue Strategist to his talk, Destructive Ad Tech and Practical Solutions. Embracing advertising as the lifeblood of modern media, Ben posits that the current ad landscape undermines publisher values and abuses audiences. Acknowledging the financial challenges for publishing at scale, Ben will offer two counter strategies and techniques for implementing them in WordPress.

Whitney and Jay will bring the scars of project and account management to their workshop: The Project Scope Will Change. Here’s How You Make It a Tolerable – If Even Pleasant – Experience. Change requests can increase project tension and turn a client / vendor relationship on its head. Whitney and Jay will argue that they don’t have to, as they illustrate how to navigate changing requirements and expectations using examples from a multitude of projects.

You’ll find nostalgia, futurism, and practical tips in my talk: Distribute All The Things: WordPress & The Era of Multiple Content Channels. In the era of Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, Alexa, and RESTful APIs, distributing digital content no longer means “build a website.” I’ll argue that publishers need a strategy to thrive on a multichannel web, positioning WordPress as a platform built for where the web is going. I’ll also join WIRED’s Jake Spurlock for Q&A, after his connected follow on session focused on monetizing new channels.

If you plan to attend, track down our sponsor table, and let us know in advance by dropping a message in the comments, mentioning us on Twitter, or leaving a note on our Facebook page.

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