WP Local Docker + WP Snapshots

At 10up, we have a history of open sourcing tools that help WordPress engineers practice their craft. One year ago, we introduced WP Local Docker, a lightweight local development alternative to VVV, another popular project started by 10up. A more recent project, WP Snapshots, efficiently pushes project snapshots into the cloud.

As we increasingly used WP Local Docker and WP Snapshots in conjunction, we discovered some technical obstacles that could make WP Snapshots difficult to use. We realized that bundling the two projects would solve those problems and offer value to anyone already using both projects.

WP Local Docker now includes WP Snapshots: when you start a WP Local Docker environment, a container running WP Snapshots starts alongside the other containers (running PHP, MySQL, Memcached, etc). Commands can also be proxied to the WP Snapshots container via a bin script.

We’ve created a detailed tutorial explaining how to use WP Snapshots with WP Local Docker. To help those who were struggling with the Amazon Web Services setup for WP Snapshots, we’ve also created a new tutorial for setting up WP Snapshots on AWS.

We’ve found that these tools facilitate team development workflows and simplify local environment setup for new project engineers. With a bit of creativity, these tools can be further customized to serve individual engineer and project workflows, for example, creating a snapshot that can be used for each new project, pre-configured with a default set of themes, plugins, and settings.

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