ElasticPress 3.1 introduces a friendly interface to manage search weighting and ordering

At 10up, we think digital innovation often happens at the intersection of expertise in design and engineering. The latest release of ElasticPress represents 10up innovation at its best, bringing together expertise in user interface design, web engineering, and systems architecture. In ElasticPress 3.1, we’ve introduced a simple and friendly user interface right inside of WordPress for managing search result weighting and customized results; a challenge that required Elasticsearch appliance expertise, and advanced WordPress UI and back end development.

From information discovery and filtering to data visualization and mapping, search is the foundation of many digital experiences across the websites and apps we use every day.

Thousands of websites rely on ElasticPress to extend the native WordPress search functionality through an integration with Elasticsearch, a fast, scalable way to manage searchable content in near-real-time. The release of ElasticPress 3.1, that includes weighted search and custom search ordering, moves several popular code-based features into an intuitive dashboard that provides a comfortable experience for anyone familiar with WordPress.

ElasticPress 3.1 Highlights

A weighted search attributes dashboard: Allows an admin to adjust the prominence given to a specific field in the query results.

ElasticPress Search Fields And Weighting Dashboard

Custom search ordering: Enables search results customization for a specific keyword query.

ElasticPress Custom Search Ordering

Other improvements in this release include a retooled settings interface, improved network mode handling, support for nested taxonomy queries, WooCommerce integration enhancements, and more.

To learn more about these new features, visit ElasticPress.io, view the complete changelog at WordPress.org, or stop by the ElasticPress GitHub repository to see what’s coming in the future.

Effortless Elasticsearch Integration

While ElasticPress connects WordPress and Elasticsearch to create a fast, flexible, scalable search query engine, maintaining your own Elasticsearch infrastructure is technically challenging. With the goal of establishing an effortless Elasticsearch integration, we created the ElasticPress.io service — the first hosted end-to-end solution enabling you to take full advantage of ElasticPress without the responsibility of maintaining Elasticsearch or the worry of breaking WordPress. The service takes care of setup, configuration, and security. It also controls both the hosting and the plugin, ensuring optimal performance on both ends.

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Help Shape Our Vision

If you would like to contribute to ElasticPress or our other open-source projects, check us out on GitHub. If you’re interested in more hands on consulting to leverage ElasticPress on your site, let’s have a conversation.

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