10up formalizes partnership with Frontity

10up + Frontity Partnership

At 10up, we are always looking for innovative solutions that help us make a better web while adding value for our clients. Today, we are delighted to announce a partnership with Frontity — a next-generation JavaScript framework for creating headless WordPress experiences.

Using WordPress as a headless CMS empowers website owners to benefit from the superior editing experience WordPress is known for while also delivering the advantages of a decoupled front-end. Those advantages include the performant, app-like consumer experience popularized by frameworks like React.js.

Frontity is one of 10up’s preferred front-end frameworks for connecting to headless WordPress instances. Among the reasons we chose to partner with Frontity:

  • Frontity provides an easy to use package management interface that enables us to quickly extend the platform — similar to how plugins work in the WordPress ecosystem.
  • It includes features that typically require custom engineering, such as Google Analytics integration, routing, and integration with plugins (like SEO tools).

The JavaScript framework is isomorphic — rendering on the server-side first — which provides significant SEO benefits.

10up is a core contributor to the Frontity framework. We are also building out our own set of packages to extend the framework, starting with ElasticPress Frontity, which integrates ElasticPress, our intelligent search solution for WordPress.

We look forward to a rewarding partnership with Frontity and contributing to the direction of the platform.

If you are interested in learning more about headless WordPress and how it could benefit your business, please reach out. 10up’s dedicated team of JavaScript and WordPress engineers, strategists, designers, and audience and revenue consultants can help design, build, and monetize a performant, modern, digital experience that takes the pain out of content creation and management while advancing business and marketing objectives.

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