Ads.txt Manager 1.3 Now Supports App-Ads.txt

In March 2019, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) finalized app-ads.txt, an extension of the original ads.txt standard that provides publishers a mechanism to declare their authorized digital sellers. By August, Google began blocking the serving of unauthorized ad inventory based on app-ads.txt files.

Today we’re happy to share that our WordPress plugin, Ads.txt Manager, now supports both ads.txt and app-ads.txt file types.

app-ads.txt WordPress screen

Ads.txt Manager facilitates the creation, management, and validation of a site’s ads.txt whitelist file right from the WordPress admin interface. With more than 80,000 active installations, the plugin has helped thousands of site owners eliminate the need to manually upload a new ads.txt file with every change and offers validation to prevent simple mistakes that can cause lost advertising revenue.

Our latest update, Ads.txt Manager 1.3, adds a new screen in the WordPress admin to create, manage, and validate an app-ads.txt whitelist file, as well as a handful of other under the hood improvements.

Just as ads.txt identifies authorized sellers and resellers of ads inventory for websites, app-ads.txt gives mobile and OTT apps the ability to declare which ad tech vendors are authorized to sell or resell ad inventory. In addition, ad buyers can reference this file to avoid fraud and ensure a company selling an app’s ad inventory is legitimate.

The addition of app-ads.txt management furthers our goal to support content creators, elevate quality journalism, and empower newsrooms with technology. From our work with the GNI Revenue Accelerator Program helping local publishers drive engagement and revenue yield, to the launch of AcceleRev offering smaller publishers access to the best programmatic advertising tools, to the development of free WordPress plugins like Ads.txt Manager, 10up is empowering digital newsrooms of all sizes.

You can download Ads.txt Manager from the WordPress Plugin Repository, or jump in to contribute or follow along on GitHub.

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