Gain Project Alignment with 10up’s Design Spectrum Exercise

Design Spectrum Exercise

Effectively articulating a brand’s design aesthetic can be challenging for even the most savvy marketers. How do we take statements like “make it pop” and turn them into a more specific, shared design vision without frustrating revisions?

In my recent article, A Design Spectrum Exercise for Navigating ‘Make it Pop’ Client Requests, published on the Adobe XD Ideas blog, I share a tool — the Design Spectrum exercise — we use at 10up with government, higher-ed, and Fortune 500 teams to gain creative alignment, build trust, reduce revision requests, and earn faster design approvals.

A Design Spectrum exercise shapes intangible concepts in an approachable way that cuts through ambiguity and identifies client design preferences and taste. This creates a framework of shared understanding that establishes the foundation for a smooth design process.

If you’d like your next design and UX project driven by a creative team that prioritizes collaboration, clear communication, and caring client services, get in touch.

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