Leveraging Elasticsearch With ElasticPress To Create A Porsche-Quality Search Experience

When Elferspot, the largest marketplace for classic and pre-owned Porsche sports cars, wanted to create a premium search experience on their WordPress site, they turned to 10up’s managed search solution for WordPress, ElasticPress.io.

“I’ve never had such an amazing support experience with any company. I had a problem with how I wanted to use ElasticPress and the support team worked with us to solve the problem together.”

— Alexander Altendorfer

Offloading data to Elasticsearch, the no-SQL data engine underlying ElasticPress.io, meant Elferspot could allow customers to search and filter across more than 20 fields while still delivering lightning-fast site performance to customers. ElasticPress.io combines a managed Elasticsearch configuration optimized for WordPress with our open source ElasticPress connector plugin, resulting in an end-to-end solution enabling customers to effortlessly take full advantage of Elasticsearch without configuring servers or breaking WordPress.

Elferspot Visual Website Search

With a fully-supported search solution in place, Elferspot’s team could focus on design customizations that aligned the onsite search experience with the prestige and beauty that owners of Porsche cars expect. Our support team worked closely with their development team to implement advanced filters, weighted search results, and custom results algorithm.

Learn more about our work with Elferspot on the ElasticPress.io blog.

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