Bolstering Higher Education and WordPress at WPCampus 2020

WPCampus 2020

With a growing portfolio of clients and partnerships in higher education, we are once again thrilled to sponsor and participate in WPCampus, furthering the confluence of WordPress in academia. This year’s two-day remote conference kicks-off today, July 29, 2020; registration is free.


On the schedule, you’ll find two 10uppers delivering presentations:

End to End Accessibility Testing

Traditionally, testing interaction has been a largely manual process because out-of-the-box automation testing tools can’t open menus, check ARIA states, click around, or test general UI and movement. Because of this, as sites age, they can quickly fall out of compliance and become slowly inaccessible.

In this session, Tim Wright, Director of Front End Engineering will discuss end to end accessibility testing. Learn how to create a long term accessibility roadmap and turn manual testing processes into lightweight automated scripts that can keep an eye on your project for years to come.

AI 101: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Educators Publish More, Faster, And Better

Artificial intelligence isn’t just for self-driving cars and science fiction. Learn how easy-to-integrate solutions can help educators publish more effective content, promote accessibility, and keep visitors engaged. In this special sponsor presentation, Phil Crumm, Vice President, New Client Strategy, will help educators, technical leaders, content creators, and marketers understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence can simplify content creation, accelerate authorship, and eliminate painful manual tasks.

Supporting Higher Education

From an early HighEdWeb award-winning project collaboration with Bates College, to projects for renowned universities like Northeastern, University of Maine, Boston University, Stanford, and UC Davis, 10up is delighted to include several academic institutions in our portfolio.

Beyond our comprehensive agency services, 10up invests in the open-source community with code contributions, tools, sponsorships, and knowledge sharing — to build vital resources campuses depend on. A few of those open source resources that we’ve seen adopted by campuses around the world include:

  • Distributor: Our WordPress plugin that makes it easy to syndicate and reuse content across websites — whether in a single multisite network or across the web. Distributor can keep a single piece of content—like an event, course description, or professor’s biography—synchronized across multiple sites and departments.
  • The only fully-integrated, end-to-end SaaS solution for adding the power of Elasticsearch to a WordPress site, including the ability to search across multiple sites.
  • ClassifAI: Our WordPress plugin that leverages leading cloud-based services like IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure AI to augment WordPress-powered websites with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Say Hello In Slack

If you (or members of your team) will be attending WPCampus online, we’d love to connect! As a Graduate level sponsor, 10up will have a dedicated WPCampus Slack channel staffed with 10up experts who are ready to answer questions and chat with you about our free WordPress resources and other ways we can help make a better web for Higher Ed.

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