DE{CODE} 2021: Virtual Developer Conference


Tomorrow is DE{CODE} 2021, a virtual conference dedicated to helping developers craft better digital experiences. Created by one of our preferred WordPress hosting partners, WP Engine, the conference focuses on leveraging WordPress to build faster, run smoother projects, and optimize for speed, growth, and search.

I’ll be participating in the event as a panelist in Navigating The Risks to Reap The Rewards of Headless WordPress. This breakout session will discuss how early adopters of Headless WordPress are validating that the architecture is right for them, taking advantage of the architecture to differentiate, and building future-ready content publishing platforms.

My colleague Felipe Elia is representing our ElasticPress team in the Optimizing WordPress eCommerce for Performance & Growth panel. His session explores how solutions like ElasticPress can flexibly accelerate growth for eCommerce companies.

The conference is free and registration is open.

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